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where to find codes for free items

Aug 09, 2012
i only recently found out about the codes for free items. which i was told by a friend i made and i was gushing over there nifty wand, and that person gave me the code and told me how to redeem it which i am happy for.

QuillThrill- a huge feather wand
PalettePower- a Paintbrush with palette wand

i have tried to find a more update post on how to get the codes and havent found one. could someone tell me where i can find the codes?

Jul 04, 2009
Kingsisle hosts a Twitch stream each month called Kingsisle Live. At the end of each episode, they have a code giveaway. Those two codes that you listed were given away at one point on Kingsisle Live for their upcoming Birthday. They giveaway about 4,000 codes (Twitch & YouTube). You can check out their Twitch Stream by clicking on this link:


They also post their episodes of Kingsisle Live on YouTube.


Jul 24, 2011
I remember a while back in their last KI Live, they said they would make a page with all of these 10 year anniversary codes, but I can't find it so I'm not sure if they ever made it.

Wolf, Level 98 (Khrysalis)
Cole Goldenflame, Level 57 (Celestia)
Cole Goldenbreeze, Level 16 (Krokotopia)
Cole Goldenwraith, Level 16 (Krokotopia)
Cole Goldenhammer, Level 9 (Wizard City)