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Where is Vengeance???

Feb 07, 2011
Hi there fellow wizards, I was wondering if any of you could help me? I have heard of a treasure card called "Vengeance", and it gives you critical for 1 spell. I also heard you can buy it at the Bazaar in Wizard City but I cannot seem to find it. Can anyone tell me WHERE to buy it? And also, can you tell me what school it is?

Many thanks,

Gilroy Raven Level 36 Myth
"Look the best, sound the best, BE the best."

May 31, 2011
The bazaar is the only place you can buy it, however, it is not always available. It is not a card people sell all the time at the bazaar.

To train for vengeance you will need to wait until you get to Celestia. It is a star spell.

Aug 10, 2011
Yes, Young Wizard, it is Sold at the Bazaar often.

But if you would like to get Vengeance, you will have to be Level 56. and When you are, you have to go to the Stellarium in the District of Stars.

When you get there, go to the Star Trainer, and get Vengeance in Celestia.

You have to long way to go.

Calamity Orgeblossom Level 48 Theurgist