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Where is Dimwood Vale?

Jul 26, 2011
Dimwood Vale as some might know, seems to be in Avalon. Though the skies seem very different and pictures within the main house seem to be from the world of Darkmoor (Also a Pirate101 Player) which has the same house from the believed world of Darkmoor (A black house on a piece of land held up by natural rock pillars). So is Dimwood Vale an estate in Darkmoor and does that make Dworgyn from Darkmoor as well?

Jun 26, 2012
The home in Dimwood Vale seems to look a lot like other homes we've seen in Avalon. However, considering that Darkmoor is a colony of Marleybone (Pirate101 Player) and that Avalon is the Middle Ages of the real world area of where Marleybone takes place, we can assume that homes in Darkmoor could be very similar to the ones seen in Avalon. Though we did hear Avalon battle music in Dimwood Vale, this could be because, due to the fact the world has not been in either game, music wasn't composed for Darkmoor yet. I believe that Khrysalis, Avalon, and Darkmoor are very close to each other in the Spiral, and thus are very similar. That could be why Dworgyn's Aunts are ants. It seems to be that of the known worlds all humans are descendants of residents of Dragonspyre and Avalon. There has yet to be one completely human character in either game that has been stated to be from a world other than Dragonspyre or Avalon. (The exception being our Wizard, who has been confirmed to be from Earth)

Long story short, Dimwood Vale is located in either Darkmoor or Avalon. Dworgyn's aunts are from Khrysalis and Dworgyn himself is most likely from Avalon. Khrysalis, Avalon, and Darkmoor are all most likely very close to the spiral, and is therefore why all of this makes sense.

Sean Firesword L100
Sean The Privateer L65

Sep 17, 2012
Yes it's in Darkmoor. Every BOXES quest sends us to some part of the spiral that is within the Pirates101 domain.

Dec 30, 2012
seethe42 on Oct 8, 2014 wrote:
Yes it's in Darkmoor. Every BOXES quest sends us to some part of the spiral that is within the Pirates101 domain.
What about the first BOX in Ravenwood?

I also agree that it is Darkmoor. Deeply hoping Pirate101 doesn't get all the fun, I have been waiting for that world for years...