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Where. Are. The. New. Bundles.

Jul 10, 2009
hi i am duncan soulblade and i am here to tell that the majestic bundle is now reased but i dont know when the other one is coming out but i will be getting the hawk bundle soon but in the meanwhile take care

Mar 18, 2009
codastar wrote:
bionaknight wrote:
codastar wrote:
I have been wondering since we havent had anymore left. Just Epic, Mega, and Super. Is KI trying to come up with the new name? But please I want to see another. I am dying for one.
The Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle is out, available at Target, I believe.

It doesnt say on the news thing!

The Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle is now officially announced. Available at Walmart and Target.


Mar 16, 2011
I was just given the pagoda gauntlet as a gift and my friends and I got on the sigil and everyone got their own dungeon. Is this a glitch?

Jan 29, 2011
Well, said codastar in their last message, I think, by the news, I think you mean the Community News on here (otherwise, I'd be thinking news on the TV). It does say that the bundle is out while you are logging in, about to play the game, and the community news. Each time something new comes out, it should be giving a date and/or a way to purchase it if it is already out. Remember, news is always here in Wizard101. So always check up on it.

Level 68 Necromancer,
Shannon Deathglade