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Where Are Fire Boots Level 50 ???

Dec 20, 2008
Does anyone one know where I can get the fire boots in Dragonspyre that are for level 50's only ? Please help I would really appreciate it.

Feb 04, 2009
I'm not sure if there are lvl 50 boots. I know that some items go up to lvl 50 and some items only go up to lvl 45. If you check out wizard101central.com's forums they have awesome guides on all the bosses and who drops what. This is how I find all my gear.

Aug 04, 2008
I believe it doesn't exist, because the best shoes for Fire wizards are from Yeva Spiderkeeper and they're for level 45+.
How do I know that these shoes the best for Fire?
First we must know that Myth and Fire wizards always have same stats for their best gears. Now the best shoes for Myth wizards lvl 50+ are from Kraysys. They have these stats:
100health 3pct accuracy 7pct damage 10pct shield
Now if we look at the fire shoes from Yeva Spiderkeeper they have the same stats. So we can be sure that they are the best shoes for Fire wizards.

Dec 21, 2008
there is no level 50 fire boots but there is the level 45 boots which are called
" Yeva spider keepers charstriders" if i am not mistaken. These are the best fire boots according to a guide of the dragonspyre bosses on the fansite, www.wizard101central.com Look it up and you will find the best fire things that you can get and where to get it.

Dec 20, 2008
Thx thats what i thought, figured i would get some reassurance. I also just find it odd they just dont say level 50, because they should and it just makes your wizard looker cooler stats wize know what i mean :).