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What's your favorite spell from each school?

Jun 17, 2012
What is your favorite spell from each of the schools of magic? I've always been curious about this. I want you give your favorite spells for at least every one of the main schools (). You can include if you want but I would like at least the main seven.

It can be for any reason. Animation, effectiveness in PVE or PVP, nostalgia, etc.

You can list your least favorite spells from each school as well. I would also be appreciative of this.

Thank you very much,
David Thundermancer 56

Feb 03, 2010
I chose these solely on animation:

Wooly Mammoth
Dr. Von's Monster
Fire from Above

Fire from Above

Jul 18, 2010
Fire Dragon
Wooly Mammoth
Any of those special school auras
Polymorph Cat Bandit

Apr 08, 2015
These are mine:


- Ra - The son of the sun.
- Leviathan - Release the Krak *cough* Levianthan!
- Tower Shield - Tower Shield is love. Tower Shield is life.
- Sun Serpent - He's the son of the sun serpent.
- Forest Lord - Rarrrrrrrrgh *snort snort snort*. I don't, just fly casual. (Whoops, wrong fluffy monster)
- Skeletal Dragon - He'd be cooler if he'd look more like a dragoon than a cow.
- Basilisk - Open the Chamber of Secrets and release the Basilisks
- Sharpened Blade - "My blades are sharpened and ready for battle!"
- Polymorph Cat Bandit - Just the looks.
- Infallible - Just train it.
- Dark Nova - Sneak Attack!

Least Favorites:

- Weakness - The horrors . . . the horrors . . .
- Enfeeble - Removes all Positive charms from the target. Need I say more?
- Tower Shield - Tower Shield is hate. Tower Shield is annoying.
- Efreet - I still remember that time when I was in PvP, had maxed out Frozen Armor, and I was OHKO by an Efreet . . .
- Minor Blessing - Why does this exist? I don't think I've ever seen a level 5 using it.
- Call of Khrullu - Uh, dude: I need you to cast Call of Khrullu. I seriously need to take a shower.
- Earthquake - No, NO, NOOOOOO! My blades!
- Cloak - The way of the cloak is easy to learn if you have a spare point, yet hard to detect.
- Polymorph Gobbler - Why would anyone want to be a gobbler?
- Vengeance - I don't want what you're selling Vengeful mobs. I don't want it.
- Shadow Shrike - PvPers . . . tsk tsk tsk . . .

I like all King Artorious spells.
Woolly Mammoth came quite close for favorite.
Colossal is really good.
I was close to skipping it.
Hard to decide.
I like all school specific auras better than the one I typed first.
Judgment and Chimera came quite close for favorite.

Dec 14, 2008
Fire Elf!
Wooly Mammoth
Dr. Von's Monster
Satyr <33

Jul 24, 2010
- Bladestorm
- Colossus
- Scarecrow
- Immolate
- Minotaur
- Rebirth
- Tempest
- Colossal
- Polymorph Treant
- Mend
- Shrike
Andrew Sandgem, level 40

Jan 15, 2013
Favorite 7 base school spells:

- Fire Dragon - Most convenient and effective at the same time
- Tower Shield or Woolly Mammoth - Both really awesome
- Tempest - I don't have a wizard so I am saying Tempest off the top of my head XD
- Ra for pve, Reshuffle for pvp - both are WONDERFUL
- Rebirth and Forest Lord - All healing, and all enemy. Both great!
- Scare Crow - All hail the mighty crow.
- Medusa - I don't play either, so another off the top of my head spell.

Favorite Astral and Shadow Spells:

- Colossal - Obviously
- Fortify is all I could train at the moment, so that I guess.
- Drakonian, maybe?
- I'm not at Khrysalis yet, so don't know enough about magic to have a fav. spell...

Least favorite 7 base school spells:
- Efreet - When used on me, though it's actually never been. *Knocks on wood*
- Stun and Tower shield- 'Nuff said.
- Leviathan - That deadly spell uses to one-hit-kill you
- Weakness - Another 'nuff said .
- Minor Blessing - I agree with Max Sterling on this one...
- Infection, Plague, and every single one of their health steal spells - Only when they're used on me. I love them when they're not!
- I agree with Max Sterling again. I swear I cry every time people Earthquake me! XD

Jan 27, 2012
Forest Lord
Lord of Winter
Celestial Calendar
Scarecrow or Feint
Berserk haha
....Polymorph Pteranadon looks cool, I guess

Nov 13, 2009
- Eirikur Axebreaker
- Frost Giant
- Glowbug Squall
- Call Of Khrulhu
- Guardian Spirit
- Earthquake
- Loremaster

- Colossal
- Gobbler Polymorph
- Any of the school specific auras

- Shrike

Jan 05, 2014
Lately I've had a bit of a love affair with Scarecrow. This my balance wizard's new favorite spell. It's essentially the most powerful healing spell in the game, that just happens to do significant damage at the same time. You can't learn scarecrow with training points, of course. For a while I was trying to get a pet version but quit messing with that when I discovered the Azteca treasure card vendor sells the treasure card. Now I just keep a couple of Scarecrow and Deathblade TCs in my sideboard, and pull them out whenever I am facing multiple opponents and need a big heal. As a balance wizard I can use my regular balance blades to increase the damage and healing further.

The only real downside to scarecrow is the 7 pip cost is pretty prohibitive if you don't have a death mastery amulet. Mastery amulets are very hard to farm as the drops are quite rare. The crown cost is also pretty high. And using a mastery amulet means you can't wear the very helpful Witch's Star Necklace beloved of balance wizards everywhere..