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What's your favorite musiccal scroll?

Aug 27, 2012
Hello. It is Zachary Nightdust here. I have been playing around with musical scrolls lately trying to find a perfect match for my castle. But than I thought, what if I created a topic for people to post their favorite music in Wizard101! I would love to hear all the different wizards' opinions about their favorite. And I could try them out in my house to see if they are a good match!!

Zachary Nightdust
Level 80

Jul 10, 2009
I like the ZF WaterFront theme and the MB combat theme.

Julia FirePyre, Magus Pyromancer

May 06, 2009
I'm fond of manyt music themes. So far I like:

Wysteria 1 theme (this is the music that is played in the Library Archive)
Khrysalis Thrives theme (which you could hear after the Eclipse Tower)
Khrysalis Last Wood theme
Khrysalis Combat theme (played on the Isle of Archanis and around Khrysalis)
Khrysalis Archna theme (combat music first heard in Moon Cliffs)
Azteca Zocalo Theme
Khrysalis Moon Cliffs theme
Azteca Floating Mountains Theme
Azteca Zultun Docks Theme
Azteca Post-Apocalyptic Theme (played at the end of Azteca)
Celestia Exploration theme (which is played in the Trial of the Spheres)
Hrundle Fjord Theme
Nordrilund Theme
Vestrilund Theme
Aquila Combat Theme (the first 1, not the boss or epic ones)
Aquila Olympic Theme
Zafaria Baobab Theme
Zafaria Savannah Theme
and the Zafaria Combat theme

If only KI made an Album I could buy...

Feb 20, 2012
I like the Wysteria Combat Theme and the Celestia Combat Theme.
Jesse Drakebreaker

Nov 27, 2011
Hi there, i wanna know! whats your favorite song in the spiral?
Mine can be ANY of marleybone songs, or caliburn soundtrack, i love avalon music a lot, Also i like some azteca music.
So, Which is your favorite song? Or maybe you like many!
Richard Frost Breeze level 78