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What's your favorite mount?

Oct 22, 2011
I've got quite a few mounts that I've purchased for gold or crowns. There are some I haven't gotten, because they didn't seem interesting enough to me (not that anyone else wouldn't be interested).

I find some are 'bouncy', some are huge, some ride smooth, some get stuck on everything (obstacles), some sound funny, some look really cool, some are awkward, etc etc.

So, which ones do you find you prefer to ride?

My opinion ..... :)

CATS (all of them) - Great for your basic mount. They all look cool. You definitely get bouncy, and it's especially distracting is you're wearing a cape that's flapping in the breeze during your ride.

CROKAGATOR - Looks cool. Walks (runs) like a typical croc with lots of side-to-side movement. Seems to get stuck on obstacles a lot, maybe because of the 'wide load' (the croc, not me). A bit less maneuverable.

KIRIN - A great overall mount. Cool looking, rides great

SEAHORSE - Looks great, long up and down. Always seems to drag it's tail on the ground (just a visual thing for me). Makes a low humming-type sound when you move around, sort of like thrumming through water (reminds me of a sound similar to the movie "The Incredible Mr. Limpet")

ALPHYN - Looks okay. I think a better choice of color combinations would make this mount look awesome. Great to ride if you can get past that long tail flashing across the screen as you ride (looking at it from behind).

CAMEL - Just got this one. Looks cool. Nice that KI gave him some nice colorful accessories so it didn't look so boring. Rides like a typical camel, with the side-to-side movement. Not too bad, though. Although it's tall, it's not wide, so it doesn't hinder your view as you maneuver around obstacles.

WHITE STAG - How cool is this? From the side, the head, neck & chest are HUGE compared to the rest of the body, but that does not detract from the overall look, or maneuverability. I even changed the color of my 'costume' to white & gold so I could look great while riding. It's feet move fast, seeming as though you're moving faster. The stag rides a little smoother than the cats .... not quite as bouncy.

MAGIC CARPET - Looks good. Rides smooth, and there's no visual obstruction while your running around.

KOI - The koi looks really cool, and there aren't a lot of them out there that I've seen. I find it a little difficult to maneuver, and it seems to get stuck on every obstacle as your traveling. I find myself stopping to readjust my trajectory quite often. Like the seahorse, it makes that low humming (thrumming) sound.

BROOMS - You can't go wrong with them. No visual impairment, moves smoothly, and KI has put out several different kinds (especially during the holidays), so if you prefer these, spice it up with some great colors!

RAM - These are great and noble looking. I wasn't sure at first if I'd like them, but they are one of my favorite mounts. It's huge, but isn't too wide, isn't too tall, and rides VERY smoothly (barely any bouncy bouncy). Great maneuverability. When you turn it to the side, you hear the reins (sound), likes to rear up and makes a cool animal braying-type sound.

WINGS - You can't go wrong with these, either. Simple, cool looking, no visual obstructions, and there are a variety to choose from.

SWIFT GRYPHON - Not bad. Not one of my favorites, but it's nice that it doesn't stay airborne and doesn't fly too high. Still cool looking.

RAVEN - These are very cool to look at. I have the black & purple one, so I have a black & purple outfit to match. These are probably the most awkward mounts to use (IMO), because you fly HIGH .... to the point where my wizard if off the screen, and all you see is about 3/4 of the bird itself. With lots of practice, you can use it pretty efficiently, but visibility as to where you're going isn't great. A hint, don't look at the bird when you're traveling, but look at the shadow circle it casts on the ground as to where it actually is.

Well, these are the types of mounts I have. It's hard to pick an overall favorite, but I'd have to say the RAM is way up there.

How about you?


Jul 03, 2010
I prefer the dragons - smooth ride and jumps highest, lol.

The Broom for point A to B easy to get around with.

I Had to buy the Horse for my mom it was the one mount she just had to have and was the first mount I bought also.

I am not a fan of the cats - makes me motion sick. The wings I had trouble seeing around but really like them. The only crown mount I have is the gryphon and not to keen on him because you can't see your wizard around head.

Oct 24, 2010
I love the dragons best. I have the Faithful Dragoness and the Red dragon (can't remember the official name).
I also like the ponies... I have several.
and wings.. I have all the wings over my 2 accounts.
Oh, and the Wyverns are cool too.

Although I love the way the Raven looks, I never use it because you can't see anything.

Feb 07, 2011
I'm all up in your posts again! LOL.

I collect mounts, so I'll list some of my favourites below (in no particular order).

1. Purple Glider (or brooms, in general)

It was discontinued shortly after I started playing, but was the first item I bought with crowns. It's purple and sparkly... what's not to love? It also helps that it's not bulky and rarely gets stuck in random nooks and crannies around the Spiral (the exception would be one part of Dun Dara, near Catalan's cave, which a needle could get stuck in).

Worth noting: I also own a Horned Sweeper and Candy Cane. :)

2. Nightflame Pegasus

My favourite part of the Wysteria expansion. I love the black/red colour combo, and how it's the reverse of my sorcerer's costume-colours (she wears red, with black trim). The jump-motion on this one is a tad awkward, but the awesome overall look kinda makes up for it.

3. Dark Redwing

I love the colour, and the jump-anims are absolutely gorgeous! This thing could float through the air forever, and it's the perfect mount to take for a spin through Dragonspyre (which I love to death... bad pun intended, haha).

4. Bone Dragon

Val, my necromancer, has this one. It looks awesome, especially when the heart/lungs/thing in the middle of its chest glows blue and it breathes fire... only downside is, it's a bit bulky and hard to manoeuvre in and out of tight spaces.

5. Blood Raven

Sadly, I don't own one, but would love to. I've only ever seen one from a distance, but it's absolutely beautiful- once, I thought about asking some random person if he'd let me ride shotgun, but decided against it and walked away (since begging to such an extent would have been really creepy, not to mention rude).

6. Wyvern

I have a gold one of these- gave it to my Storm wiz, since it matched her outfit better. Like the bone-dragon, it can be awkward and a tad bulky- once you hit Marleybone, expect to battle a lot of street mobs.That's all I'm saying on the matter.

7. White Stag

I don't own one yet, but it is a lovely visual- the sight of it is almost calming, probably since I associate it with a Patronus. Anyone familiar with the Potter franchise will know what I mean.

8. Alphyn

Surprisingly, I actually like the flashy colours- remind me of a Barbie doll I had as a child. :P I don't own one, so I don't know how smooth/bumpy it is to ride, but it's very pretty on the outside. :)

El Veeb

Sep 08, 2008
I enjoyed reading this thread. Thank you for a good read.

My favorite has to be the Seraph and Swiftshadow wings. The wings hover your wizard in the air with lots of sparkles, and you carry your weapon. No other mount lets you carry your weapon.

I have both black and white, and would love the Dragon wings, but really not in the mood to 'gamble' for them, so to speak. The new Rennaisance wings look good, but I think their animation looks a bit 'off.'

I love the 'bouncy bouncy' from mounts. I really like the cat mounts. I WISH I could buy me the white tiger mount (charity mount) but, alas, I can't.

Oct 22, 2011
I definitely had to get the Purple Glider, since purple is my favorite color :)
I also have the Horned Sweeper and 3 of the Candy Cane ones (got those when they went on sale recently).

I haven't tried the Dragons. For some reason they remind me of animal versions of the Michelin Man. Like they're made up of marshmellows and someone put a bunch of rubberbands around the various parts. If the overall look was smoother, I would love them. I may get one anyway, just to add it to my collection.

I'll have to try one of the horses as well. As much as I love horses, graphically, these did not appeal to me as much as other mounts. Again, I'll probably get at least one to add to my collection.

Feb 24, 2009
You didnt mention this one, but it is 100% my definite favorite.

Honestly, this thing moves smooth, and it is the most adorable thing in the whole dang world. Dont disagree, you know its true ;)

Oct 22, 2011
I've been thinking about the Hippogrif. It does look pretty smooth to ride. It's big, but those little tiny wings make it look adorable .... :)

Feb 07, 2011
That's three for hippogriff... it's SO cute! My baby theurgist on my alt has one; I haven't played her in a while, but I remember thinking that riding one of these babies would be awkward... despite being one of the bulkier/larger mounts, it is an incredibly-smooth/fast ride.

Aug 10, 2011
Panther. (Or Cats/Lions in genereal) Its cool looking, original, fast, and you can go to where you want to go with it. Bumps into Obtacles every once in awhile. 'Nuff said.

Oct 10, 2010
No one mentioned the unicorn! It is my absolute favorite mount, and the first one I bought with crowns. I also love my purple wings, my charity christmoose, my ostrich (just because it makes me laugh the way it runs) and my lobster.

May 13, 2009
The cats are my favorite :D
I love my panther, (he is so cool) and would suggest a panther to anyone looking for an awesome mount for a smaller amount of crowns ;)
(but for those who can't buy crowns, I'd suggest the lioness unless you are willing to save up coins longer for the other two)
I'm saving up coins for a Tiger next...cats rule 8)

(If i could, i would get the nightflame/sky racer pegasus to try it out; they look pretty epic too)

Feb 29, 2012
my favorite would have to be the brooms. they hardly get stuck on anything and you very rarely get drawn into unwanted fights. I also have a nightflame pegususe that i use accasionly and even dyed my outfit to match but now im thinking of dying it to match my broom. anyway thats my favs.

Jennifer Frogsong--Balance wizard

Nov 05, 2011
Ok, even though I don't have it, I LOVE the owl mount. I saw a video of it on youtube and it looked as though (in stationary) it was about to fly off to battle

I only have three mounts altogether that I own and here they are in my order of favorites:

Faithful Dragoness: Deffinately my favorite, limited edition all the way! It also looks very girly and it matches with my personality :) Also if you're wearing a cape it doesn't flap up and down unlike my other two mounts :P (Bought with gold btw)

Snow Ram: A bit annoyed after I bought it they had a mount-a-palooza where it was on sale but I still like it, it certainly matches if you're travelling around Wintertusk.

Royal Lioness: My first mount, I bought with gold, when I was around level 40ish and it made life a lot easier :) A good beginner mount I must say

Jasmine IceBringer

Oct 22, 2011
A couple more to add:

TURTLE - Not much to look at, but wow, what a smooth ride. I got to try one for a day when we had the hoard packs on sale. The turtle is narrow enough not to cause too many hangups on obstacles.

WARG - Very cool looking beast. When you're standing around, he'll spin sometimes. Awkward to ride, though. The running gait is long and slow, making it seem like it's taking longer to get anywhere. Also, turning and getting around objects seems a bit clumsy and slow. I swear you get more up-and-down bouncy than the cat mounts.

Aug 13, 2010
Community Leader
My favorite all time mount is the Silver Kirin.
2nd - Is the Black Panther & Meowmodon, well any of the big cats.
3rd - 2 Seated mount , Let's hope I spell this correctly Hornocerous.

I wish we had more 2 seated ones.

Sep 10, 2011
It has to be the Panther, not only it is affordable. its the coolest looking among the cats. not bulky too when avoiding random battles.

Next for me is the dragon wings. elegant and powerful to look at.

Apr 20, 2009
MY favorite is the Charity Chrismoose :D
SO cute SO cute SO cute SO cute
It jingles when you walk, not too big and bulky, and its very festive 8)

Jul 10, 2011
Guys, I'm really disappointed that you didn't mention the HYDRA!

Wolf SilverSpear ~ Master Pyro

Aug 14, 2008
My Swift Gryphon is one of the smoothest rides ever, to be honest. It jumps high, it's graceful and it doesn't hover too far off the ground. The only concern of mine is that looking from the front, you can't see the wizard.

I also love my Charity Chrismoose! Very easy to ride, cute sound effects and a cute animation. I just keep getting distracted by it's tiny legs running so fast. Also, very low jump.

Oct 22, 2011
Guys, I'm really disappointed that you didn't mention the HYDRA!

LOL. That's because the Hydra wasn't out yet ... :)

I also love my Charity Chrismoose!

I would LOVE to have that one. Hopefully, they bring it back around Christmas, as I missed the opportunity