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What's your favorite Astral School?

Jul 05, 2014
Hi everyone! I was wondering what everybody's favorite astral school is. I don't know if Shadow is a astral school ( Sorry only level 37 so don't know a lot about it ) but I will include Shadow. So feel free to express opinions on what your favorite astral school is! I honestly don't know myself cause they're all pretty cool.

Sep 19, 2013
Sun is my favorite, because Shadow is not an astral school (it's magic that shapes reality). That damage boost is fun because it can help me hit even more overpowered heights of damage.

Aug 20, 2011
Sun school is pretty much the best. The only drawback is you carry more cards.

Star school uses a round to cast and makes you vulnerable to supernova. Otherwise, it's okay.

Moon school gives you inferior stats and increases the chance that you will lose the duel.

Shadow can be useful, but you can also play quite well without it.

Jul 26, 2011
My favorite is Sun Magic because it enhances the stats of a spell making it stronger and useful. Star comes second since well auras are cool and give damage, resist, pierce, accuracy, etc (my personal favorites are the Azteca Auras which are Furnace, Cycle of Life, Reliquary, etc. and Infallible) Moon is my least favorite since well it's useless unless it's the Jaguar or Treant. Shadow isn't an Astral school but I still love it