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what's with all of the beggars

Jan 03, 2013
Robobot1747 on Mar 5, 2014 wrote:
A fun way to get rid of beggars and earn profit:
1. Find a beggar.
2. When they ask for items, say; 'Well, I'm low on treasure cards and I was going to buy a pack for myself, but if you can give me some treasure cards, I can gift you a pack."
3. If they refuse, either walk away, or if you're feeling in an evil mood, press it further and say; "I'm giving you a real money item for some cards. Isn't that a great deal?" If they don't refuse, skip this step.
4. Once they fork over the TCs, abscond with them while laughing evilly. Sell TCs for profit or use them in battle.
Wow that is cruel dude that is no way to treat someone not even a beggar. That is not ok. Just tell people to stop!

Mar 05, 2013
This happened to me today and I just have to share. I started a Fire Wizard, finished Firecat Alley, and was battling a Scarlet Screamer in Triton Ave. Some guy rolls up on one of the huge mounts, not sure which one and asks me if I had Crowns. I said yep, as I do. Lots. He said 'gift me a phoenix pack.' No please included. I said sorry no can do. He whines about it, joins my fight, draws in a Rotting Fodder and flees. I've gifted my friends quite often. I don't feel it is incumbent on me to subsidize perfect strangers gaming activity. I politely refused and he felt the need to punish me in the only way he could. Weird. It's blockheads like this that are a blot on the Wizard 101 experience.

May 25, 2012
This topic is about the most amusing experiences you have had with beggars. Here are mine:
Beggar: Can you gift me?
Me: I don't have any crowns. (True) Besides, I don't know you in real life.
Beggar: So?
Me: So I won't gift you.
Beggar: I know you!
Me: Who are you then?
Beggar: Someone who wants you to gift me.
Me: Then no.
Beggar: Please?
Me: (Switches realms)
Beggar: Gift me!
Me: (Uhhh) No.
Beggar: I'll give you tc!
Me: No.
Beggar: I'll gift you.
Me: Then why do you want me to gift you?
Beggar: (Ports away)
Have fun posting your answers, bye!

Aug 15, 2012
One solution is to just wear your starting gear (the clothes you got when you started the wizard) through the commons area and once you are out of the beggar hot-spot, you can "change" back into your normal crowns gear. You should also take off any crowns mounts because that would be a huge giveaway.
Saffron Sandsword

Aug 11, 2011
Although I have had no experience with beggars whatsoever, but I think I know a way to get them out of your hair. Assuming that they have text chat, go to the menu chat and say "sorry, I don't have text chat". That leaves them with very little ways of begging. Just cross your fingers they don't see the open chat icon next to your name in the chat box

James Iceglade, level 25

Aug 11, 2013
Sure I get them too. Mostly in the hatchery of late because I've been spending gold like a madman hatching over the last couple months. My attitude is I'll hatch with you, if I happen to have the gold handy and aren't looking for something specific hybrid pet wise, may cast talent wise, or just plain pet wise. I'll hatch with those provisos even if it's a pet I don't have that you do, and it has a talent I want manifested. I've gotten some of the pets I want because higher level wizards than me were willing to take the same attitude. When I first started out I ran into a guy int he bazaar that had the giant owl mount, think it was from one of the cards or something. he wanted me to buy him a mount because his owl being so big...kept getting him pulled into unnecessary and unwanted fights. I told him nope sorry don't have crowns to spare. He offered me the sage advice about not getting the massive mounts for the same reason he told me he wanted rid of the owl.