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Whats up with new Jump? Is Terrible.

Apr 27, 2010
Wizard101 is about FUN and FANTASY and FRIENDS....the epic jump is part of that! KI is brilliant at adding beautiful details to the game like great music, colorful landscapes, terrible puns :D and adorable pets that do funny/cool things when casting spells.... These details make the game go from good to Fun /Amazing /Awesome. My friends and I always jump around to celebrate or mess with each other -- it's a bonding thing, and part of the fun of being in a fantasy environment.

KI oh please bring back the epic jump.

PS: the jump change was deliberate, not a bug; is mentioned in the last round of update notes. Idk why it was changed but there you go.

PPS: I started thread on this too a week-ish ago (didn't see others at the time) called "No more Jumping for Joy???" Pls respond to that too to generate more attention to this issue.

PPPS: Happy holidays! (I would jump with excitement when wishing you happy holidays but can only hop at the moment XD )

Sep 30, 2011
They wrote under miscellaneous updates on update notes that -

"Dec 15th - The jump animation has been reverted to its original state. Players will notice their characters do a lower jump when they press the space bar."

I dont think there's really a reason why they did it.

Jan 27, 2011

i fully agree the "half jump" is terrible. We use the jump to comunicate to other players that we are ready for the next thing. it was faster to jump than to say are you all ready? by jumpping you said yes i am ready no jump i am not ready this still holds true but still looks bad and maybe you will not see it if someone jumps. please bring the high jump back. it may be useless to some but i find that the jump has HIGH value.

Sep 08, 2008
I finally took a moment to really look at my character's jump, after reading about the jump.

It does look pretty corny. That is why my character no longer randomly jumps.

Jul 06, 2011
whats the difference? you cant even jump to or over anything. wish we could.