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Whats going on?!

Aug 04, 2009
I have recently started playing on my storm wizard, who just hit level 30. I do not like doing side quests and have only done a few. I just got past the Grand Arena in Krokotopia meanwhile my other level 30 friend is about halfway through Marleybone and he ALWAYS does every side quest! How does this happen? It may have been an update thing because I got the character to level 28 in 2012 and then quit him to move over to my ice wizard...

I'm fine with being a high level at this point in the storyline because of the advantage I get. I just want to know how I am level 30 in Krokotopia with almost no side quests done and then my friend who is also level 30 has done every side quest and is in Marleybone? How is it possible?

Nov 18, 2011
You have maybe you just probably don't remember it.

Jul 29, 2012
It's possible that he may not have done EVERY side quest. He could've quested in a higher level world that he hadn't unlocked yet, giving him more experience points. And with unlocking Marleybone, he could've just stuck to the main quest line, causing him to unlock Marleybone faster than other wizards. My storm wizard was also level 30 when she unlocked Marleybone so I'm sure you'll unlock it soon.

And I'm not sure how you could be such a high level without having side quested during the beginning of the game. Al though side quests may seem boring, they're important to the success of your wizard and can help you out A LOT in the game

Vanessa Stormpetal 32