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What's a good school combo?

Dec 20, 2008
Hey all, since the training point refund is free right now, I wanted to switch up my secondary class on my Fire school wizard. I was going with a combo (just because fire is my primary and death is cool), but I'm realizing that the two don't go together very well. I've seen that people recommend or , but I'm not so sure. What class combos would you recommend?

Jan 16, 2010
I wouldn't recommend doing a secondary school per say with your Fire, but to pick up spells you know are going to be useful for you, both at your current level and at a higher level. With my fire, I know, for example, I've always needed life spells. So I usually go life to satyr, but I should preface that advice by saying I have a life mastery amulet - Fire has a lot of fire power (pardon the pun), especially at higher levels, so you're going to want to look at your defense and healing a little. Or you might want to go the route to hit a little harder, sooner, so you don't have to heal. The choice is up to you. Either way, I do recommend the standard pick-ups most people will say for most schools: life to satyr, ice to tower, death to feint, reshuffle, and for a fire, elemental traps and elemental blades.

Also remember when you cast elemental traps and blades, you're getting three for one cast, so it costs a pip, but it's worth it, especially if you have storm and ice spells in your treasure card deck. There are also some bosses that will require you trap and blade them (or that they be trapped so you don't activate a cheat), so both blades and traps are useful to have (and hitting harder never hurt anyone except the monster you're facing, right?)

I'm sure others will have some advice, but that's mine, for what it's worth.

Sep 07, 2011
Don't think about a 'second school', just train for utility. You might do a bit of life to get sprite, or death to get feint, ice to get tower (good if you are doing PvP, not so useful questing), or balance to get weakness, but you won't make much use of off-school damage once you level up. Combination blades from Niles in Krok are handy too. Once you reach level 50, you will want astral spells for sure, at least the Sun damage enchantments.

Jan 22, 2018
None since school combos are useless

If you are fire should level death school till faint, ice to get tower shield, maybe balance for weaken and can skill life for satyr

You will be still only using fire attacks - other schools are only useful for utility spells