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What was your closest call

Jan 27, 2010
What's the least amount of health you've survived a battle with.

Jul 17, 2009
Oh my gosh I was in a solo, 2 hour battle with a really hard boss in Avalon and I chose not to heal one round...ooh that was a mistake haha after that I had gotten down to 1 health point! Yes, 1! It was awesome haha the next spell that I dealt instead of the heal criticaled and I won the battle, defiantly not a battle I will forget anytime soon.

Jenna Lifedust level 84

Jul 09, 2009
I was fighting Poseidon alone with henchmen and it was about an hour until Poseidon had 47 out of 20,000 health and I had 32 out of 4,500 health. I knew just one fizzle from me or my henchmen would have me dead. Luckily, I had the first turn and my henchman's minotaur didn't fizzle. You have no idea how happy and relieved I was.

Mar 13, 2014
Well, low health hasn't really stuck in my memory, though I have been down to under 50 out of 3000 starting health before. The closest calls I have had, and I have done this at least three times now, is winning a boss fight with the last card in my deck. I am a big believer in building decks with minimum cards, but sometimes I overdo the concept :)

Oct 09, 2011
I was fighting a boss in Azteca, the boss had 10 000 health left. I was kind of low, 1700 health, and had just fizzled Dr. Von's two times in a row. The boss went first with ten pips. He/she/it used Wild Bolt, got a crit, and I didn't block. It did max damage, about 1700 with my resist, and I was left with 13 health. I finally didn't fizzle, got a crit, the boss didn't block, and it did 13 more damage than what health the boss had left. Thirteen? Unlucky? Not for me

Dec 15, 2013
in marleybone i was defeating a robot spider and {i think} potbelly. the robot spider had 2,000 health and potbelly had 3,000 health. i defeated potbelly but not the robot spider. near the end i ran out of the pixie card. and i had {i think} 100 health left and the robot spider had 500 health. the robot spider was about to cast a myth spell but it fizzled. so i cast myth shield did another myth spell that did some damage. so i only had 75 health left. i cast a fire spell with a fire blade and i defeated the boss. i was so happy i thought i could defeat any boss. i was only a {i think} lvl 25 i also felt like the best wizard ever

Jul 13, 2013

Um I've had 5 health left.
I was facing a boss and he had one health left and he killed me one time.

Feb 11, 2010
Back when I was in Krokatopia years ago, I was fighting the spiders in the Arena. I got down double digits heath wise, but didn't have any heals (or attacks). So I cast a Helpful Mander. The minion was rarely helpful since he basically only casted shields and Donate Power, but that time he was. He kept casting shields on me then started attacking, generating a threat so the spiders started attacking the minion instead of me. I ended up with 1 heath for several rounds while I desperately searched for a pixie. I found one and then proceeded to win the battle.
~Emma Dreamweaver 85