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What to do next? Fire ice storm or life?

Oct 31, 2009
Ok so I am almost finished the game with my balance wizard. I already have a death grand, a myth master, no offence, but myth just isnt my school. I am working on balance, at the moment I am level 38 in the cave of solitude. I like to switch in between wizards every once and a while. So i've done Death, Myth and soon to be balance. :)
So my question is Fire, Storm, Ice or Life. I cant decide. I like them all! 8)
If you could give the reason why you like the school and why you think I should be it, it would be much apreciated.

Jun 19, 2009
Defiently storm i'm a Death with secondary myth and i wish that my secondary was storm cause storm has tons and tons of damage

Aug 12, 2009
i would to fire cause fire gets so many spells and its just fun to get spells plain and simple and fire is also very powerful and we have good health i have 2500 and im fire! thats almost 600 more then most storm

Jan 01, 2010
Wow, they are all so different. I have 6 wizards, in all schools exept ice.

Storm totally rocks so you should definitely start a storm wizard. It is a little annoying at first because it has low accuracy. But keep your eyes open for clothes with accuracy. My nearly grand storm hits 85% now and has had that accuracy rate for quite a while. Also, the storm minion is awesome. All he does is taunts but that draws enemies away while you pile on the blades/traps for a smack down!

Life is also a lot of fun. Hard to die. A bit weak and not a lot of attack spells but if you add spirit blades/traps, it helps a lot. Also, everyone will be happy to have you help with malistaire so good to get robes for all your wizards!

My fire just made it do Mooshu. Fire is interesting because it has fairly low life and most of the spells take time. So it is a challenge to stay alive while your spells run their course. But it's a fun school, no doubt. Get the troll ear pendant for some extra healing power.

BTW, jury is still out for me on myth as well. But it has some great spells (minatour and earthquake) and the clothes give it some good boosts. But minions sometimes can be annoying!

Feb 23, 2009
Fire doesn't have good health. It's probably one of the least.

I would say Ice, they have great defenses. I'm only level 35, and I have over 2,000 health. Shields, health, a lot of resist and more. (:

Aug 05, 2009
i would choose life, cause they have all the healing!
:) :-o

Jul 04, 2009
I would either choose Life or Storm.

Life for it's many heals.

Storm for it's massive damage. Like the other poster said, it's a little frustrating at first, but he becomes very powerful quickly. He fizzles less than some of my other wizards now.

Dec 12, 2009
I think you should try them all and see which school you like best.

Hope I helped,

Jacob Crowspear level 33 Necromancer

Aug 11, 2009
Maybe it is just me, but try Ice! Ice wizards have many shields and the highest amount of health. It'll be easy to evade enemies with all those defensive moves. Whydon't you give it a go?

Feb 09, 2010
Unarguably the most powerful combination in the game.
ICE:1st for health STORM: 2nd for damage

This is where to go. You will be impossible to kill, and you can kill easilly. You can beat dungeons that are normally too high by yourself. Give it a try. 8)

Feb 23, 2009
ICE~ They have weak spells, but if you use the right traps and blades, it can be high.

I have a level 41 master thaumaturge, and she has 2,723 health exact. Pretty good, huh? (:

It's really fun to watch Ice spells, like Wyvern or Blizzard.


Elizabeth MistLeaf
Level 41 Master Thaumaturge
Currently in;
Ancient Burial Grounds (MooShu)