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What to do?

Jun 29, 2009
I am in Marleybone, and I have over 6,000 points till I level up to 31.
I have tried over and over (at least 5 times or more) to do my quests, Shakes O'Leary and Mr. Incinerator, but I die every time.
I cannot go to my other quests, because I have not finished these.
Just fighting random bad guys only gives me like 34 XP per fight, and that will take forever to level.
So, after spending the better part of today just dying over and over, I am frustrated to tears.
I do not mean to sound like a defeatist, but I am ready to quit the game all together because dying and running back and dying and running back is not any fun.
Does anyone have any ideas?

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Can't you take friends into the battle with Shakes? Do so if needed.

Isn't the second a school quest? My guess is that you are doing something out of line with the fight. Reanalize your deck, especially your treasure cards and try again.

Oct 03, 2008
First, what school are you? Second, did you do your lvl 28 class quest? Usually the spell you get from these class quests are pretty useful. One tip I can give about boss fight is to use minions, they are your savior in tough fights (I would never have beaten Nidavellir if I didn't have my minion helping me).

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer