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What Should I Train as a Myth Character?

Nov 20, 2011
I've decided to start a new Wizard, and I'm pretty sure that I'm leaning towards Myth. I'm going to be soloing with this Wizard, other than hard instances where I can call a friend that would be willing to help. I'm wondering what's worth training and what I should leave alone.
-I know that Life is the easiest choice, and I have a Life Mastery Amulet to make it easier on myself. Should I train Life to Satyr?
-I'm wondering about Death, of course. I know that Feint could give a lot of boost in my hits. Should I train Death to Feint?
-There's always Ice to consider, and Tower Shield is an amazing shield to have. Should I train Ice to Tower Shield?

Those are my three concerns. I'm going to do all of the "Smith" quests, and will be doing those few extra training point quests in Celestia when I get there. There's also Sun, Star, and Moon to remember. I am going to train Sun definitely, but should I waste those points of Star? Moon is out. I always have found it useless.
That being said, if I decide to train all of those, what order should I go in? Tower Shield first, then Satyr, then Feint? Or something completely different? Thank you for opinions! It means the world to me! <3

Jun 24, 2013
I like to solo myself, so this is how I would do it.
1) Life to Satyr (since you have the mastery amulet)
2) Death to faint (to help you get strong attacks)
3) I wouldn't worry about getting the tower shield (unless you like to PvP) instead, I would go to Niles in Krokatopia and get the spirit blade and spirit traps.

This is what I did, but I like to play really offensively and it has worked really well for me.

Justin DeathFlame Lvl 44