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What Should I Stitch To?

Jul 29, 2014
I need some more ideas of what I should stitch to. I'm a female storm wizard. Any ideas work. I kind of want something that not everyone wears. Right now I'm thinking of stitching to Hallowe'en Shoes, either Duelist Cloak or Daredevil's Jacket, and Helm of Intolerance (A top hat.) I kind of prefer stuff with long capes but like I said anything works.

Dec 08, 2013
I have stitched the Celestian Snow Smock, an ice robe, worn with stitched Archeologist's Boots and Ice Horns. Right now I'm wearing Vestment of the Calavera, Boneguards of the Calavera and Cat Ears. I have found that some items purchased in the bazaar can actually be dyed different colors in the dye shop!

Aug 30, 2010
I've currently got the Plague oni's storm robes, and Clanker's Premium cap. Goes well with my white hair on my "baby" storm. pretty at least. maybe later I'll find another look, but so far only my hat has changed for several levels.

Sep 25, 2009
Personally, I use a stitched set from the pack with the motorcycle...forgot what it's called but there's a purple skeleton on leather outfit. Boots from the same and purple French braid hair. Mount is Storm whirlwind and wand is that lightning bolt from Aquila. I don't have a pic on my phone or I would post one.

Mar 31, 2009
Do you know what I just saw the other day and it actually made me stop so I could look at them? They had the new professor's hoard gear Halston's Shirt/pants and shoes and then white hair. I thought it looked really good especially with a cool wand.

I think most of the Professor's hoard gear is pretty neat! (with the possible exception of Cyrus and Alhazred's hats. To me they don't fit quite right.)

Mar 16, 2012
All of my wizards have stitched their gear to the Polarian Lokah ( sp? ) their hats are stitched to hairpieces and the shoes to various styled boots.
I think we look pretty cool!

Feb 07, 2011
my storm wizard is still wearing her holiday outfit. but i usually have my gear stitched to the karanahn charged greaves & vestment of ominous skies (both from the pharaoh's hoard pack).




my girl wizards don't wear hats. but there is one for that set as well:


it's not a very common look either; i've only seen one other person with that outfit~ she's a good friend of mine and mains an ice wizard, so hers was blue. she's since changed her look, but matching outfits is just the kind of thing wizard best friends do. :)

have fun deciding!