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What should I do with the extra training points?

Oct 19, 2013
I have no idea what to do with my remaining training points , I have 7 and some say I should train elemental trap, spirit trap ,elemental blade and spirit blade , other say I should wait for moon, sun and stars.
Can you give me a tip on what to do?
My primary school is death and my secondary is storm.

Sep 05, 2010
Sunshine and happiness, moon and star. Where are you coming from, why so far?

I'd wait for the school spells. Those are awesome.

Nov 28, 2010
I don't have a secondary school, but this is what I did with my Death wizards.

I trained all of the shield spells from Sabrina Greenstar in the Commons.

Trained up to Tower Shield in Ice.

Trained Spirit Blade and Spirit Trap.

If you don't have access to the Astral spells yet, then I'm assuming you aren't in Celestia yet.

Definitely make sure you have training points available for Sun and Star. Moon... waste of training points, at least in my opinion. The only thing I used Moon spells for was to get the Master of Shapes badge, but I only do that when free training point buy back is on. I buy back my points, buy the Moon spells needed, buy the points back again, and then go re-train all of the spells I really want.

Personally, that's something I would recommend too. If you make some "mistakes" in training, watch for the free training point buy back (if you're a member that is).

When I first started out, my Ice wizard decided to do Death as a secondary school. As you progress moving up in worlds and levels, you will begin to see having a secondary school is virtually useless.

The advantage you lose having to wear a mastery amulet instead of one that boosts your stats, school specific gear that only gives you school specific damage modifiers instead of universal, the cluttered deck that makes it even more difficult to get the spells you really want during a duel, having very limited access to blades and traps that will help boost your attack damage... you will eventually find that a secondary school becomes more of a burden while providing very little assistance.

You will definitely find value in Astral utility spells (Sun and Star), so make sure you have points for those.

Oct 09, 2011
Storm as a secondary won't be useful for very long, because the accuracy is terrible and the only blade you have that affects Storm spells is Dark Pact, so refunding the training points before using any more would be a good thing to do. Get Spirit Blade (and Spirit Trap if you want to) and Tower Shield and save the rest of your TPs. In Celestia, get all the Sun school damage enchantments (note: you DO NOT need to train the accuracy enchantments to access the higher level damage enchantments!) and some Star spells if you want to. Moon spells won't be very useful past Celestia or Zafaria.

Jun 24, 2014
I will say moon for dayz I think its op :D