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What secondary school for a Death soloer?

Jun 07, 2010
I've heard many, many differing opinions on this, so if you have a Death wizard, can you tell me what your secondary school is, and why or why not you like it? Also, would you say Death is the best solo school, or is another better? Thanking you in advance!

Feb 14, 2009
good solo school would also be storm, if done right, life too, and maybe ice. but yeah death too. anyways i'd do ice till tower, balance till weakness life till satyr and spirit blades and traps, some would say storm and maybe so, but later in the game you tend to mainly use your main school attacks and low lvl attacks from others (like fire elf)

Jun 11, 2009
well i have a grand necromancer, and i have soloed a big portion of the game. i followed ice up to tower shield, balance up to weakness, i learned reshuffle from mildred, the spirit blades/ traps, and life up to satyr. i wish i didnt though, i rarely put satyr in my deck. my strategy is usually to put some weaknesses on the enemy and towers on me, then start the long process of stacking up blades/ traps, ignoring my health with the knowledge that the drain spellls will restore it all. then i use my draining spell, and, with my replenished health, start on the next one.

i personally would say that storm is the best soloer. i have a grand storm, and once he had some equipment accuracy boosts, he was going through the game faster than all my other characters. he could destroy, and he could destroy fast. and tempest was a huge help.

but this is all just my opinion.

Feb 27, 2009
Jun 06, 2009
hi i have 2 grand death now, boy and a girl, i take them thru ice to tower, then ah, the points are sitting-lol hopefully the new spells will get those points lol
i solo with life (she was my first), death, and my storm - all grands
but all mine go death to feint and ice to tower shield, after that the points have sat - unless grand son used them - one death and ice are his
last year after playing for awhile i spent crowns and redid the points on life, ice and storm to get feints and tower shields (all i could afford ) the new account i was able to do it from the beginning

secondary school hits waste yellow pips so i am careful when to use something, also think of the multi blades you have, if spirit blades/traps more useful having those other spells on hand rather than elemental spells you probably have no blades/traps for

Jan 01, 2010
Pretty much agree with the others here.

I never use "secondary" schools for attacks. Just doesn't work in the higher levels.

My death wiz was great until DS then the weakness of death's spells became more apparent. Really need fully loaded blades/traps/feint to knock off a lot of the enemies. I always get tower shield. And got spirit balance blades/traps. Had weakness but didn't use it much and didn'tget any life spells.

Now as far as soloing, storm is definitely a great way to go! Once you get the water minion, storm can solo nearly anything. For storm, if you get ice to tower and life to satyr you really don't need anything else. You could get the balance blades/traps but it would really be overkill! I am almost done with DS and have had no issue with the basic storm gear (plus tower and satyr). Don't even get fully loaded and still have powre to knock off most enemies. And that includes those looooong towers!

Balance is good for soloing too but it requires a bit more skill as the approach differs depending on the enemy (spirit vs. elemental). I haven't spent any training points on my balance wiz as I am waiting for Celestia. I just got to DS without any trouble (soloed Jade Oni). Not sure if I can do DS without Feint but we'll see!

Apr 02, 2009
you should train ice to get defenses but also there is a life trap on collosus boulevard that you should train to give you more damage when you convert your death spells