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What school(s) should I be

Oct 07, 2010
I like balance but I want another wizard to replace it I am level 42 on balance wizard but I really want to be either storm or ice and a secondary school for storm or ice does anyone have any suggestions if I should either be storm or ice and a suggestion for a secondary school and if I should create a new wizard

Oct 09, 2011
Storm if you want damage, Ice if you want to be tanky. As for secondaries, you should get Life to Satyr and Death to Feint, additionally Ice to Tower if you choose Storm, though it's not mandatory. Always get the Sun damage boosts + sharpen and potent. You can get Star spells if you feel like you need them, though I would advise to always get the Azteca aura for your school, unless you're Life and don't like healing, but that's irrelevant.

tl;dr: Life to Satyr, Death to Feint, tower shield optional for Storm, sun damage boosts, Star spells optional.

Mar 13, 2014
Storm is a lot of fun, the emphasis is on big attacks, especially attack all spells, which Storm has a more useful assortment of than any other school. Storm defense is notoriously weak, with lower health than any other school. Early on storm fizzles a lot, but as you level up a lot of bonus accuracy gear becomes available so that in the second arc storm fizzles a lot less. Ice is somewhat the opposite of storm, very strong on defense, with more health and bigger defensive gear bonuses than any other school. Ice is not definitively the weakest on offense, though; while weaker than storm or fire it compares well with myth and life and is arguably stronger than death or balance.

Storm's first off school training priority should generally be life, you want to train life to satyr so you can have a good healing spell. This works best if you get a life mastery amulet, so you can cast satyr counting power pips as 2 pips each. One of the prerequisites of satyr is sprite, which is helpful through most of the first arc but a bit lightweight once you reach Celestia. For ice the need for healing is not so great since you start with a lot more health. Ice should probably first off train death to feint to get the extra punch of the feint spell. A mastery amulet is of no use casting feint, unlike satyr.

Generally speaking, training points should be spent acquiring useful support spells, not attacks. See this guide: