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what school should i make a new wizard on

Jun 09, 2014
I have a lvl 27 ice wizard but it just got to boring not being able to attack for anything so I have decided to start a new wizard what school should I make him. ps I am leaning towards death or storm

Jun 04, 2011

I think it's good that you figured out a little early on that a school didn't fit your needs. If only I had figured that out earlier on my now untouched Transcendent Thaumaturge! If you REALLY know that you don't like ice, then I would suggest going with a strong attack school like Fire or Storm. But, I suggest you realize that ice doesn't always stay "weak". In the higher levels, Ice wizards can hit REALLY hard! It's all about sticking with the school to unlock their maximum potential.

Back to the new wizard, if you are crazy about hard hits and NOTHING else, then I suggest Storm or Fire. But they can be a bit unpredictable health and resist wise, so if you are looking for a little bit of both, then go for Myth or Death.

Let me know if I helped!

Mackenzie Stormblade Lvl. 98 Promethean Diviner

Mar 17, 2011
thesuperwolfie1 on Jun 29, 2014 wrote:
I have a lvl 27 ice wizard but it just got to boring not being able to attack for anything so I have decided to start a new wizard what school should I make him. ps I am leaning towards death or storm
ok i have try leveling up in all the school here how they work

storm great for power and the spell do epic hits but you health is really weak and it hard to level because the heath and fizzle

ice great for block and tanking stuff but weak in power dose not get any better in power

death great to solo with because you heal when you hit but the down side is you don't get a all hit spell tell you like in the 50 also most spell you get at a low level cost you heath and the spell are all one hit tell level 50

myth is really boring you don't get any really fun spells sure there good spell but to me myth is just plain boring and most things you get is a cheat of a summon

life mostly heals but you never can fined you hit spells and if you have to many hits spell then you never fined you heals also they are really weak in power but really good at tanking almost as much heath as ice but the class mostly is best for it heals the only down side i can think of is that it weaker then ice right now and it has 2 all hits spell i think the spell do get old fast but that's if you get bored of green

fire is great for over time but it mostly a school of head to head so blocking and stuff is weakened and you mostly get power boost or more hit spells

balance great for yous in all the school and blades and traps bad part is there blades and traps are weaker then most classes also there spell get old really fast i mean really fast also most there spell makes you feel like you reading a book and not playing a game so it kinda like ugh that what i thought anyway

but all spell are boring tell you like get snow angel or fire dragon or scare crow you know just one of the spell you don't see in you class

hope these help you pick good luck

Feb 01, 2011
Well, it all depends. With Storm you have low accuracy and health, but devastating attacks. If your soloing, it might not be the best choice because of the stats I mentioned before. Death, on the other hand, has moderate health and accuracy, and has a feature on some spells allowing you to heal half the damage you deal. There spells aren't the strongest, but they have some cool features later in game which can be fun to play around with, especially in PVP. Like the spell that allows you to take off 50 percent of next healing spell. Or the spell that hurts you for 65 damage, yet heals you for 700. It all depends on what you want in a wizard, what stats, features, ect. I hope this helped.
Grace Sandweaver, Level 38

Jun 16, 2011
In my own opinion I think Storm. Storm school has high damage attacks and extremely amazing spells. If I were not a fire wizard I would have chose Storm school.I can understand why ice would not fit you, Many boys do not pick Ice. I hope this helped .

Elizabeth level 62

Aug 15, 2012
I would say death because storm is pretty hard to play until you get to about level 40. This is simply due to low health and bad accuracy. Since you thought that ice was boring due to low attacks, storm would give you higher attacks but it's only really fun (in my opinion) at higher levels where you can improve accuracy without sacrificing health. If you're willing to go through a couple worlds with a challenge then storm but if not do death.
Sarai Thunderstrider

Jul 03, 2010
thesuperwolfie1 on Jun 29, 2014 wrote:
I have a lvl 27 ice wizard but it just got to boring not being able to attack for anything so I have decided to start a new wizard what school should I make him. ps I am leaning towards death or storm
I personally recommend Death. It seems to be a little more forgiving if you don't play perfectly right off. You are a little more equipped to do early battles on your own and have more time to learn how the game works with out being defeated as much.

I find Storm a fun school to play, it does take some customizing and time to make it work better. Early levels of Storm require patience to get though the fizzlings etc.. If you want a school with a little more challenge to master Storm is good for that.


May 10, 2014
I personally like storm and death. my character is storm primary and death secondary because the combo is great. if you are torn why not have on as the primary and one as the secondary and get both. storm is massive attack but not the best accuracy or health and death is good attack good health and good accuracy. id say to do one as primary and one as your secondary. \

Blake Angelhunter level 49 master & wizard

Jun 09, 2014
Thank you all for helping And if you were wondering i created a fire Who is now in dragon spyre almost lvl 48

Apr 22, 2012
I'm a lvl 40 Balance wizard and I suggest Balance. Only if you are willing to wait a while for tough spells. Balance is the school of blades and shields. Improving your spells and others, weakening your enemies and their spells, plus your main teacher is a Krok Balance takes a long time to master but is worth it


Feb 07, 2011
storm storm storm storm storm.
betcha can't guess my favourite school (/sarc.)

i have played all 7 schools to level 30; storm is my favourite because it best fits my play-style. you may notice as well that the pace is a nice change from ice's blade-stacking, but prepare to fizzle a lot at the noob stages.

i don't care for balance or myth. balance was my first wizard, and i've learned to play her effectively, but it just drives me batty, all the extra little things i have to do just to get her through a fight.