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What school do you personally recommend? :)

Mar 16, 2012
Hello Wizards!

I am currently in the process of creating a new Wizard, (since I maxed out my death :). I have a level 90 ice, but I am kind of bored of being a tank/support. I loved my death because I could be both a somewhat support tank, but mainly clean up on the battlefield. I loved the feeling I got when I beat that hard boss all by myself! (rather than buying henchmen on my ice lol.) I would LOVE to experience that again. So, that being said, what school should I choose? I'll give a run down of each school in my opinion and say why I would or would not like to try it out. The only schools I will not do is Ice and Death because I already did them lol.

Storm: I would consider being a storm. I love the damage. The accuracy spooks me, and the solo-ability worries me.

Fire: DOTs scare me.

Myth: Really peaked my interest. Although, how viable is this school in battle? Ahh! I don't know!

Life: Great Health / Accuracy, but will I be able to solo the game? The damage is low.

Balance: The biggest worry is that I don't get a convert. Also, I worry about my name lol. My Wolf ___ stone series sounds weird with Wolf Balance Stone.

Thanks so much for the replies! I will gladly accept any guide. The one that interests me the most is myth, but knowing my criteria, you guys would know best! Thanks!

- Wolf DeathStone

Sep 23, 2015

Storm - Its really good for PvE, thanks to Tempest. It's also the most played school (Within the states at least). You get a workaround with accuracy early on and later equipment and pet abilities can also fix Storm's low attack.

Fire - Mini-storm. That's the best way I can describe it. If you want a hard hitter but you want more health and accuracy go fire. Fire was my first school so there may be some nostalgia talking.

Myth - Underrated. Myth within the first arc (Wizard City - DragonSpyre) was meant to be the "Solo" school due to its summons. Myth within the second arc gets some fun spells that are annoying, also.

Life - You're gonna have a hard time before hitting 58 (Forest Lord is your first AoE). You could solo if you know what you're doing.

Balance - Meant to be the "200 IQ" school. Later on you kinda have to become support when you're not soloing due to the number of blades you get for free.

Overall, if you want to get a good damaging (As that's what you want, going by your post) school, go for either Storm or Fire. Myth could also work if you don't mind basically being a rarity.