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What reward would you most like to get for PVP?

We will begin a new season of PvP soon. Top ranked players will received in-game rewards. But the very best players will also receive out-of-game rewards. We would like to know which reward you would most like to have?

1. Autographed (signed by the whole design team) poster of arena featuring a duel between the creative director and game designer.
2. Autographed t-shirt of arena featuring a duel between the creative director and game designer.
3. Autographed book of Wizard City concept art. The book will also include back stories explaining how the game was conceived and developed.

If you have other ideas, we want to hear about those, too!

Feb 07, 2009
even though i m not getting anything, i suggest 2000 arena tickets for the next season. your an

Feb 25, 2009
book. defenitly. and oriel, whats your faverite pass time? other then waving your sword around and saving the sprites from going bad?

Feb 18, 2009
Good afternoon Oriel,
I love the ideas you have posted but I also like the ideas that have been suggested so far. I like the PVP section and believe the winnings should be higher. I am looking forward to the tournament that is upcoming.

I have a few more ideas I'd like to put in

First place--your book idea, free T-shirt and Cap with Wizard 101 logo, 20,000 to 50,000 in game coins, and 1500 to 3000 crowns.

Second Place--High level uniform for that players level, new wallpaper for the upcoming houses, and possibly some in game coins up to let's say around 5,000

See ya in the Spiral,

Hunter SilverHeart

Aug 12, 2008
Dec 31, 2008
Oct 19, 2008
Here are my suggestions
Sculpture of Headmaster Ambrose

Sculpture of Diego

Poster of Malistaire Drake

T-shirt with Malistaire and death symbol on it

Now here is my in-game suggestions
A lot of arena tickets

rare full suit body armor thing, includes Limited edition sword that is like Excalibur, then a helmet, body armor, shoes, and a ring and a necklace that gave a dragon or an orthrus, or maybe even a new never before seen card, like Cerberus as a Myth or fire card.

This is all i got, see ya!

Aug 09, 2008
I would have to say a real first place prize for a contest would have to be a trip to Kings Isle to see how the games are made. That would be a real contest worth competing in. I do like the idea of all the signed items but as second through fourth place.

Mar 01, 2009
i would like to receive a rare item or a cloak and get a item appropriate for the wizards level

Dec 31, 2008
Well, if I were to get an out-of-game reward, I think it would be the book for myself. Although if I decided that my nieces would appreciate it more, I'd grab the poster instead.

As for an in-game award, here's my crazy idea: Take any of the 4-6 pip spells from each school, and "mutate" them in a way which would make their visual properties (i.e. their animation) unique. Everything else about the spells would be exactly the same -- their cost, attack values, special effects, etc. The only thing different about them would be the "chrome." Then let the top wizards in each school have this spell for their reward.

Now, I have no idea how feasible such an idea would be (either from a programming or databasing perspective) -- hence, the whole "crazy idea" part; but I do think that in general it would be a nice, safe, easy in-game gift to give to the top players, one which would give them something to "show off" and brag about without affecting the gameplay in any real way whatsoever.

Mar 01, 2009

First, let me thank you for asking our input in such a large decision. It truly makes one feel as if they are a real part of helping to mold the game into its future existence.

I would certainly have to choose the autographed book out of the three choices you presented to us.

I must agree with other postings in this forum about seeing larger rewards for participating and winning in the arena. I have a diffcultly in spending so much time in the arena to not get very much out of it.

As for in game rewards, I think possibly a custom set of equipment given to the top player. And then possibly something else as unique to say maybe the top 5 or 10. And maybe a ring or necklace to the top 50 to 100 players. To see something special for the top players in each school would possibly help in keeping everyone to continue pushing up through the ranks despite feeling that they may not be able to get into the top 5 or 10 spots.

Finally, for an out of game reward suggestion. I think possibly an actual deck of cards matching the cards in game would be a real treat. Maybe even Laptop or Tower skins for your computer. There are a million things running through my mind as I think on this, but I know that I am probably far too long winded already.

Thank you again for allowing us, the players, to give input on this.

Sep 20, 2008
May 22, 2008
I'd like to see a top PvP'ers list on the website, or maybe even in-game. That is updated daily to see where you stand among other players in the Spiral, and among your friends.

Jan 05, 2009
MY pick would be the autographed book of concept art. :D

Apr 26, 2009
How about like Magic boxing gloves that can be used like a wand Magic pocket watches and maybe a magical battle aura that you can color customize and increases your health stat up 300