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What lvl do you have to be to get the ice blade?

Mar 21, 2009
I heard from a friend you have to be his lvl which is lvl 38. Is this true and why?

Apr 24, 2009
Yes, I also dont understand the reasoning behind that also. Ice is not a good damage output as I have heard and neither is Life but yet they both get their blades at later levels than the other schools. Even Storm that does the most damage of all schools gets their blade at level 12 and their trap at 16. Why have the 2 less damage schools get their blades later in the game instead of early in Wizard City like the others do? To me it would make more sense to have storm blade at level 38 than ice blade. Life blade you get at the end of Krokosphinx and your probably about level 25 at that time and halfway to 50 at that point.