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What is your favorite world?

Dec 30, 2014
This thread may be everywhere elsewhere, but alas! I am new to the threads and, after searching and searching, for some reason couldn't find one like this... So I decided to ask this question: What is your favorite world?

There are many different features to love about each and every world, but my favorite world would probably have to be Celestia . The story line is very absorbing and inquisitive in my opinion, especially to know about this shadowy figure that they call Morganthe (no pun intended).

The theme of the world is amazing! I've always wanted a world underwater, even though the spells are astral (which is kind of funny because the place with astral magic is deep underwater). Sweet, sweet irony. It doesn't matter if it was originally up high or not, where it is now is what matters, and it is funny.

Another awesome feature of Celestia is the stellar soundtrack! (pun very much intended)
The music is very exciting, and makes every battle epic!

Although Celestia is my favorite world, I certainly do love features of other worlds. For example, Krokotopia had the best soundtrack in my opinion. Every moment of the music was awe-inspiring and leaves me with so many memories of Krok. However, I didn't really like the story. It dragged out too much, but that's just what I think. I want to hear what you guys think! Unless there is another thread like this, in which case, I am sorry. Take care!

Dec 14, 2009
This has nothing to do with your post, but "The Epic Duck" is the greatest username I have seen yet on these boards.

Sep 01, 2009
For me, it's a tie between Mooshu and Avalon. Mooshu has a relaxed feeling to it, especially the Water Dojo pond. Avalon has Monty Python references, fantastic crafting, and the fun of beating young Morganthe. Plus you get to disguise yourself as Gamma.

Love your username!

Dec 30, 2014
Lol, thanks. That definitely wasn't the answer I was expecting, but it made me laugh nonetheless

Jan 05, 2014
Avalon. The dedication to Monty Python jokes is awesome. I just wish you could buy a temporary version of the two coconut mount from Zeke there.

For runners up I like Mooshu and Krokotopia.

In the other direction, I loathe Dragonspyre. I find the zone layout incredibly confusing and would not be able to find anything without the quest arrow.

Feb 07, 2011
my favourite world is dragonspyre; always has been, and probably always will be.

runners-up, in order:

i) avalon
ii) darkmoor (i wanted to love it; i really did.)
iii) azteca


Jan 21, 2014
Definetly Mooshu, i just love the peaceful yet dangerous feling, i'm actually starting it right now! although i'm far behind the level i'm supposed to be at, i do side quests allot.

All hail "THE EPIC DUCK"

Isaac GoldHeart lvl 40

Jul 09, 2009
For me, I gotta say either Grizzleheim or Dragonspyre. I love the Nordic culture and music of Grizzleheim, and Dragonspyre is just nostalgia. I also really like Celestia and Zafaria, but they're not my favorites.

Jul 02, 2012
My favorite world would have to be Avalon. The medieval theme and Celtic mythology adds a great touch to the game, in my opinion.

My next top five would be:
  1. Wizard City - it's easy, fun to play in, and everyone starts here!
  2. Marleybone - the victorian theme and graphics are great
  3. MooShu - it feels so relaxing, colorful, and like a breath of fresh air
  4. Wysteria - the tournaments and quests here were all amazing
  5. Khrysalis - the storyline for this world was astounding, and so were the graphics

I wonder if they'll ever make an expansion to Wizard City. A whole new area would seem really cool. (Other than Darkmoor, which branches off of Nightside).

- Marissa LifeBlossom
currently level 70+

Jul 18, 2010
For me it's Marleybone and Mooshu. Marleybone because I love the soundtrack, love the story, and love the theme and scenery! I even love the sidewalks (call me crazy ). I also love Mooshu because again of the story and soundtrack, and also because it's simply beautiful. Here are some of my other favorite worlds: Avalon, Grizzleheim, and Krokotopia


Jul 18, 2009
It is a tie for me Azteca and Zafaria

This world is amazing and beautifully designed. the Aztecan theme to it is awesome. The dinosaurs and their cool looking jewelry adds to the perfect world.

Zafaria The African theme to this place is really well done. The animals to the world are also really cool. The layout and look of all the areas is awesome.

My least favorite however is Celestia.

The under water theme to this was terrible. I didn't understand the storyline at all and the only place i liked was the floating land and that was because it wasn't underwater. I hate the celestian alien guys, they were just dumb to me. The only people I like are the pisceans and the crabs. the whole was just bad to me.

Matthew Griffin Gem Level 70

Jul 13, 2014
Mine are between Celestia and Wysteria.

Feb 04, 2012
My ties are also between Mooshu and Avalon.
I loved the peaceful theme in Mooshu and I very much loved the soundtrack.
Avalon was also a very beautiful world and I *loved* the storyline so much!

In a close second place comes Wysteria,
It's also a very pretty world and I liked the storyline as well (It totally wasn't because we got to feed pegasi...)

-Roslyn Blueflower, Exalted

Jun 03, 2012
Khrysalis Is my favorite and will always be my favorite, The storyline was the best in any world. I really wanted to save Dyvim when he was knocked out by the broodmother, and I really wanted to save queen Sabina from Morganthe's curse apon her. I really really loved the companions cause they gave me an amazing boost in the world. This world I took the most screen shots in cause I loved every place, the Great Beast was one of my favorite dungeons ever. I loved everything about it, nothing will ever ever ever change my mind about Khrysalis. In my opinion, make more worlds like this KI, and I will be the happiest person alive.

Savannah ThunderShard100
Savannah DuskShard100
Savannah FireShard50 Pvp Knight

Jul 13, 2014
Blaze5364 on Jul 15, 2015 wrote:
Mine are between Celestia and Wysteria.
Scratch what I said earlier its Avalon or khrysalis now.

May 07, 2015
my top 10 are....

1 dragon spyre (of course im a fire wizard )

2 polaris (BEST WORLD EVER!)

3 celestia (so much XP)

4 khrysalis (just looks so COOL)

5 mooshu (so calm )

6 krokotopia (so HOT)

7 avalon (when im there i feel like a knight)

8 grizzle heim (makes me feel like a warroir)

9 marly bone (so BOSS)

10 wizard city (MOST BOSS OF ALL)

thats all.... for now

miranda jade song legendary pyromancer FIRE IS BOSS