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What is the worst spell you have?

May 03, 2009
LOL @ all you complaining wizards who haven't yet learned how to use each card to its true ability. This is basically a card game people. To anyone who has not had experience with real life basic card games; it is all about "chance" or a gamble. You weigh your odds, set up your deck and try your chances. The cards that you feel will benefit you most at your skill level will prevail in your favor. What works for you may not work for someone else. I speak this way because I have found some real usefulness to many of these cards that these wizards are complaining about.

minor blessing - a good 0 pip heal

storm elemental - sometimes he heals you sometimes he doesnt, best used in PvE because he taunts giving you the chance to shield and prepare a big attack.

ice beetle - i like to use him in my lowlevel wizards to maybe break a shield so i dont waste my higher pip spell cards if i dont have an ice wand handy in PvE

Power play - i was a big fan before my wizard was legendary, this spell is best used in groups or teams in PvE due to its high pip cost. Also I use it to counter and circles that are cast in PvP so my opponent loses their boost.

Doom and gloom - I havent used this yet but i will soon. I have plans for this one; This will be a PvP card for me for my dealth wizard. I dont normally heal in PvP anyway and I hate it when my opponent does or when I am dueling a life wizard and they heal every round or have a spritely pet! I will use this with my death wizard and use my cards that return life to the caster. :)

As a tip to anyone who may be new: I adjust my deck before each battle to give me the highest benefit in that duel (mainly in lower level wizards). By the time you get to legendary, you will more than likely have all your top notch items so you won't need much adjusting of cards or gear.

ex: If I am about to fight a myth boss, I equip my gear with high myth resist or high storm attack, as well as a storm wand, and any storm cards that

Good Luck everyone

Scarlet LotusWhisper lvl 60 Sorcerer

Jan 05, 2011
Do pet spells count? i got a life cyclops for my life wizard, trained it to teen, and now it gives a 'self only' 400 point heal pixie. for a life wizard, that's a total waste! -valerian daisytamer, level 36 life (and crew)

Mar 09, 2011
My worst spell is the Minnor Blessing (life card, 65 health up). If Malistare saw this card, he would say " Hahahaha! That's so weak". However, some people may think the Life School is the worst school.

You can defeat bosses by yourself with life.

Sorry, I just wanted you to read that part.

-Alia Owl

Apr 18, 2009
I have three actually. I say it's Take power. It says sacrifice your minion for 3 pips. It costs 1 pip to cast it so you get like 2 pips. And you can easily get 2 pips. So its like taking away some help for nothing.And the mega tranquilize/ tranquilize. I dont really have a reason for it.And last sprite.