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What is the most helpfull school school?

Mar 15, 2013
I am a life school and most of my friends ask me for help cuz they need healing and they say thx to me alot i kinda get tired of saying yw (your welcome) but i think its life cuz we can heal alot and we got some good spells.
What do u guys or girls think?
I dont wanna type the others but just say there name if its the most helpfull school.

Feb 16, 2011
In order in my opinion it's
1. Life
2. Balance
4. Ice
5. Myth
6. Fire
7. Storm

I think Balance should be 2 because it has so many blades and traps to help. They are extremely helpful for Storm and Fire to boost their attacks.

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
Uh one the "snow school" is actually called thaumaturgy or the ice school.

And it would either be
Balance (Obvious because it is a school that buffs everybody)
or Life (Healing keeps the team alive and thus everyone wants a healer around )

Oct 19, 2012
I'd say the most 3 helpful schools are Balance, Life, and Ice.

Balance is great because they have heals and blades, high health, and nice resist. While you are blading and getting your spells ready, a Sorcerer is giving you Bladestorm, Balance blade, Elemental/Spirit blade, etc.

I can't say much about Life, most Theurgists I know don't heal much at higher levels. My friend is a Theurgist with a second account that is a Pyromancer, and he uses both for damage.

Ice is great when they are defensive because, well, imagine this.

You're about to fight someone, someone really hard. He can do major hits. Let's say he's Gladiator Dimachaerus, with big hits and that major weakness. Your good Thaumaturge buddy wears Jade gear (or some of the regular Ice gear) and he rushes in first. He's taking all the hits while you blade up for a big hit.

By the way, the school is called Ice, not Snow.

Aug 20, 2011
I don't think this is a question of schools, but abilities. So it depends. Here are some examples.

  • If you're in boss battle, and no one in your group has gear-added hit boost, and someone with 70-90% boost and 400 critical rating joins, that person is the most helpful.

  • If your group is made up of damage wizards who have bad resist, and someone joins your group and unicorns with 120% outgoing heal, that person is the most helpful.

  • If you're in a battle where there are recurrent cheats, and someone has packed a lot of dispels that prevent the cheats from happening, that person is the most helpful.

  • If you're in a battle where the enemies are one turn away from casting their most powerful spells and someone casts Plague, Blinding Light, Choke, Smoke Screen, Legion Shield, or Choke to mess up their turn, that person is the most helpful.

  • If you're in a group where someone has Jade Gear, and he/she runs into battle alone to tank for a couple of rounds to let the enemies use up their pips, that person is the most helpful.

Jul 04, 2012
I would say ever school is equally as helpful

~Angela Gem, lvl 82

Sep 02, 2012
Well, all schools have weaknesses and special abilities. For example, Storm has a lot of damage, but it's fizzle rate is 70%, and don't have a lot of health, while Life has a fair amount of health, it's fizzle rate is 90%, but it doesn't have a lot of attacks. There are many more weaknesses, but I just wanted to name a few. Anyway, in my opinion, Death is a pretty helpful school. Even so, I'm to lazy to play my Death character. My main character is Life though and I know how you feel.

Hunter LifeLeaf

Jul 31, 2012
I say the probably most helpful School is Balance. Not because I am one but because I can make my friends really strong. However Balance wizards themselves can't do a lot of damage. We have blades for other schools, and spells we don't use. But yea, we are good helpers.

Jan 01, 2014
life but the spell quests are harder