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What is the best class to solo?

Jun 17, 2018
I currently have a level 18ish Life Wizard, and I've done every quest on Wizard City and am moving on to Krokotopia. I've noticed that while I haven't had much trouble, fights take a while and I spend a lot of time healing rather than doing damage (which is understandable considering life is the healing class).

Should I just put my training points somewhere to help boost my damage, or should I consider a different class for playing the game majority solo? I know that Storm has really high damage, but it fizzles like, 95% of the time.

Jan 30, 2009
Death is easily the best class to solo. You get good accuracy, Feint, Curse, as well as life steal.

May 07, 2011
If you want to continue as a Life, you will need some patience on the gameplay. Life and death are schools which it takes a while to get AOE attacks. I've played a few life characters and I've soloed most of the game on it. Until I got my AOE spells I was using other schools AOE like tempest, meteor or frog to take out minions. You can also buy enchants in Bazaar which will make your own spells stronger and you can take out bosses easily. Getting a heal pet might also be an idea, then you don't need to load your deck with heal spells. Only boost and hit spells. If you are so lucky that you have a mastery amulet for another school, you would breeze through the game.

Every schools has their challenges were some never fizzle other schools do. Life hardly fizzles, but need a bit more time to build up an hit to kill. Storm fizzles, but can take out minions within a couple of rounds with a tempest.
And not to worry, within a few lvls people will be praying to quest with you cause of your healing abilities.
I would anyway recommend you to try out the difference schools- that way you learn the strengths and weaknesses of each school.

Aug 23, 2016
As a level 97 Theurgist, I can tell you that you should have no difficulty soloing on through Dragonspyre. Though you will need some help with Meowiarty in Marleybone. You will not be able to defeat the Jade Oni in Mooshu without help and of course Malistare in Dragonspyre.

Celestia is pretty straightforward but you'll need some help on the final boss and some other boss batlles (team-ups and hired minions)

Zafaria you should be able to solo with the exception of Mirror Lake and Belloq

Avalon is much the same.

Once you get to Azteca though things change. There are more bosses and those fights are designed to be rund by 2 or more wizards. Were it not for my questing buddies, I'd still be there.

So stick with your Life Wizard. It's a fun school

Steven Ghoststalker

Jun 13, 2015
Depends on your personal play-style honestly. Take the quiz for your school to create your wizard and you should be fine.

Aug 29, 2011
It really depends on you yourself, but I was able to solo nearly everything for both a fire wizard and a storm wizard (so the two most powerful schools in the game, basically). Storm does fizzle a lot, but that's really just in the lower levels. You eventually get better gear that gives higher accuracy, and then you'll barely fizzle. Either way, fizzling isn't much of an issue if you have enough damage, but personally it is pretty irritating. Overall though, storm is able to kill very fast, my strategy in battles is to do a couple blades, then a feint if there's a boss, and then attack, so I generally finish a battle within five rounds or so. Life can solo the game, so if that works for you, you can continue on your character. You might want to focus on raising your damage to make battles faster, but of course you won't get your first multi attack spell for quite a while (that's the main issue, in my opinion). If you wish to continue on your life, I recommend training in death school up to feint (that's probably the best thing you can do to speed up battles, but I think you need to be level 26 for feint?), and then spirit blade from balance school.. just train in anything that can really make your attacks powerful. I haven't played on a life character though, so I don't really know too much about battling on a life character or anything *shrugs*

Sep 11, 2010
Oct 18, 2009
In order from easiest to most frustrating (in my opinion) Fire,Ice, Myth, Balance, Death, Life

Storm is not included because I never had a storm wizard but If I had to guess it would be second maybe thrid because I prefer Ice's somewhat tanky nature especially in the early game. The only thing I don't like about being fire is that it feels like the first mobs you fight in every world are fire and its a pain because resistance is a thing.

Jun 18, 2013
I have a life in dragonspyre, ice in zafaria, storm in khysalis, and myth in azteca. So far, the easiest of these to solo in part one was storm. In part, so far the easiest has been my Ice. Naturally, that could easily change in the later worlds of part 2.

May 17, 2014
From my experience storm is by far the easiest to solo. Whenever you're low on health, tower shield or sprite. Otherwise, get a few blades and traps up and just one-shot everything :p

Oct 04, 2012
Storm is easy but fizzling will become a problem for a while

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
From my experience, the fifth or sixth wizard you try out is the easiest to solo - doesn't matter which school.

Basically, your first couple of wizards are going to be a struggle no matter what school they are, because you're still learning the game.

I've found Fire, Ice, Death, and Life to be easy throughout the game. Storm and Myth were a struggle for me in the early game but both got easier later on.

Balance was really easy in the beginning of the game, but actually got really tough to play solo starting in Azteca. Really tough. She's come through it all now and can solo easily again after getting through Polaris.

Whatever school you decide, having access to good equipment and great pets will be the best possible help to you when soloing. Get the best gear you can!

Good luck

Alia Misthaven