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What is better??

Jul 13, 2010
Sup guys!

My lvl 60 character need ur wise decision

It can have 2 stat u choose what is better!
Choice 1. Choice 2
101 damage. 84 damage
40 resist. 47 resist
96% accuracy 103% accuracy
61% pips. 90% pips
200 critical. 260 critical
60 block. 120 block
No heal boost. No heal boost
2,400 health. 2,227 health

Jan 12, 2014
Mar 02, 2009
If you're doing PvP, Stats 2. If you're doing PvE, it would depend on your style. Team play/offensive would be Stats 1. Solo play/defensive would be Stats 2. Assuming you're a storm wizard, as your stats suggest.

Apr 06, 2014
Choice 1, because you can't RELY on critical, but you can rely on damage.

May 22, 2009
I would choose the second one because of the power pip chance and the block. In higher level areas the bosses often critical. Having the extra block will help. IMO 61% power pip is very low. The more power pips you get the quicker you can cast the higher level spells.

Jul 13, 2010
Jun 06, 2009
2019amisany on Jun 22, 2014 wrote:
Choice 1, because you can't RELY on critical, but you can rely on damage.
Double Amen to that.

So many people give up things that are actually useful and instead invest in Critical, which rarely works when you need it, is often blocked anyway, and only doubles your damage even if it does work. Total waste of time.

For PvE, drop the Critical, focus on Resist, Pips, and Damage. If you can get a decent Block, fine, but don't sweat it. Once your Resist starts approaching 50%, Block just isn't that important.

Rules change for PvP -- Block is King, Resist is Queen, everything else comes secondary. But that's just for the PvP hobby portion of the game. In the real game, my above advice holds true across the board.

Of the two you listed, I like #2 better because of pips (pips are options!) and accuracy (Fizzle wastes time and Mana and in a close battle could get you killed.). But, frankly, both configurations have too much Critical. I'd fix that, and invest in something that actually matters.

- Stephen Earthmender
Life Wizard, Pixie Realm

Apr 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2012
I would take 2 regardless of the situation. Just for pips and accuracy alone it's the safer choice for storm. Higher resist, block and critical are just bonuses. People saying rely on damage alone are wrong. Higher damage won't help you much when you are dead waiting for more white pips to appear when you could have finished it 3 rounds ago if only you got power pips.