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What is a quick way to earn gold?

May 23, 2011
I usually just use storyline quests to get items, which I in turn sell at the bazaar. As far as I know, that is the best way to get gold, but is there a more efficient way? I like buying future stuff in the bazaar, knowing how much it can help me, but it is extremely expensive, and I think there are better ways of getting gold. Any suggestions or ideas?

-Antonio MythFlame (my schools)

Mar 14, 2011
The best way to get gold ( I think ) Is to sell higher level stuff, or mount olympus stuff. I'm level 55, and I still sometimes do olympus for the good selling drops. I suggest finding a boss fight with good drops and farming it.

Dec 31, 2009
Depends on your level honestly. If you have been to wintertusk, farm halfang, items that drop there sell well and you can get gold really fast.

Mar 31, 2009
Halfang Bristlecrown

If you can't go to him, Farming a boss that you can defeat quickly (basically one shot) is a good way to get gold.

(You can probably Farm the Kraken in Triton Avenue if nothing else)

Basically any boss that you can kill quickly. Alternatively,

you can farm for gear to stitch/quest and just sell the excess (kills two birds with one stone)

Fishing and Gardening can also yield Gold.

Jul 27, 2010
Whenever I'm questing, I usually get a bunch of random gear and items from enemies, and I sell them. That's how I usually make my money, and they usually sell for a pretty good price. Maybe farm a boss for valuable drops and sell them if you're desperate. I hear that the bosses in Ravenscar give drops that can sell for pretty good money.

Aug 18, 2011
Gardening can generate large amounts of gold with low effort. Try stink weed, or plants that give pet snacks and treasure cards.

Farming bosses for items to sell works, what level are you?

Fishing isn't bad.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Plant pink dandelion seeds and whatever else falls on you during battles. Harvest them for gold, treasure cards (which you can sell for more gold), pet snacks (which you can use or sell for more gold), and reagents (which you can use for crafting or - you guessed it! - sell for more gold). Fickle Pickles self-seed like crazy, so you can even sell them for $480 each.

Risk to you: zero. It takes time to get gardens growing but once you do, there's a steady stream of gold.

Realm sweep.
Basically, I pick an area known to have a lot of treasure chests and sweep through the whole area opening every chest I find - both wooden and silver. I also pick up every reagent I see. (I craft, but if you don't craft then you can sell the reagents for gold.) Once I've swept the whole area, I change realms and do it again. And again.

Risk to you: slight. Avoid the mobs and you'll be fine.

PS: For realm sweeps, the higher leveled the area, the more gold you'll find in those chests. A few nights back I raised $80,000 gold in about 2 hours just from sweeping through Caravan in Mirage. Most chests there have between $500-$1000 gold apiece.

Bank of Halfang.
He's a bear boss in Vestrilund, Wintertusk area of Grizzleheim. You go up a ramp and his cave is at the back. Halfang is a Storm boss but he's only got 2000 health and is fairly easy to beat as long as you're level 50 and above. He drops amulets that sell for $8000-$12,000 gold. Three or four battles could net you $20,000 and after an hour or two, you could easily earn $100,000 gold from him.

Risk to you: moderate. He packs quite a punch if you're low level. You have to finish Vestrilund in order to get to him by yourself, or port in with a higher level friend.

Those are the ways I raise fast cash.

Alia Misthaven

Feb 13, 2011
Farm Halfang Bristlecrown. He's a low heath storm boss about half way through Wintertusk. He's easily beatable in 1-2 rounds once you get to the higher levels. Each battle can give 3000 (most likely more) all the way up to 10000 gold if he drops an amulet. If you haven't gotten to his quest yet, I'd say generally speaking, gold isn't that important at that low of a level. Fishing and gardening are also great ways to get gold as well as collecting fish and other items. I wouldn't suggest doing those if you are training a pet though. And, as you mentioned, you can also sell the excess gear you get from questing.