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what happens to a character when you stop paying f

Jul 28, 2008
what would for examample happen to my character in the low to mid thirties in mooshu with all the spells up to that point and items from mooshu would it be deleted or would my charcter just not be able to be played and is it different for every character on the account or does not paying have the same effect on every character on the account even if a character has not even like beat unicorn way

Your Wizard is safely stored at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Even if you uninstall Wizard101 from your computer, your Wizard is still safe.

If you are logged off in a subscription area, and your subscription expires, you will be returned to Ravenwood Commons and you can continue to play in the Free to Play areas of Wizard101.

Oct 16, 2008
Example I stopped being able to subscribed for many moons, and formatted and reinstalled my OS many times during that time (ok I'm nuts and do it maybe every month or two). I logged back into the commons and was able to do Triton, Golem, Ravenwood, Commons, and Unicorn. Now that I'm subscribed again (for at least this month) I have full access again.

Jul 28, 2008
oh cool thats better than what i thought would happen thx for the info