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What Happens After Dragonspyre Contest

Apr 26, 2009
After talking to Ambrose and the myth teacher, you get the "Savior of the Spiral" badge.

What happens then? This is another one of my insane ideas! This is what I think Celestia will be like.


After Dragonspyre...

Ambrose: Do you have the Krokonomicon?

You hand the book to him.

Ambrose: Let's see what Malistaire has done. He did help to write this book, you know. It is said to contain the secrets of Life and Death. They are very powerful and mysterious types of magic.

The book is blank.

Ambrose: What's this? It must be encrypted. Who knows how we'll be able to read it now? I'm sure Malistaire wouldn't make it easy. Until we figure it out, we need to store it someplace safe. Go talk to the librarian in Krokotopia.

TASK: Go talk to Za'ne - 800 XP

Za'ne: The Krokonomicon! I never thought I would ever see it again! This is so powerful; we must put it back quickly!

You gently hand him the book.

Za'ne: We must take it to the Spirit keeper. It will seal the book for eternity. Only the one who puts the book there may retrieve it.

A portal opens in the middle of the room. You must go in alone.

Za'ne: Good luck, you must not let it fall into the wrong hands.

You appear in a simple white room with white statues. The only things that are not white are two wraiths at the end of the room.

TASK: Defeat the Demons of Life and Death.

Demon of Life: There shall be no life left in you when we're finished. Give us the book now! We must take it to our master!

Demon of Death: Malistaire Drake was nothing. Evil... Still... Survives...

Both wraiths have 2,500 health. They each resist 90% of their magic type and boost 50% the opposite. The Demon of Life is Life power. It's deck contains one or more of each of the following: Life blade, Seraph, Nature's Wrath, Fairy (Yes, it's the two pip spell), Life Trap, Centaur, Steal Shield, Weakness. The Demon of Death is Death. It's deck contains one or more of each of the following: Death Blade, Feint, Death Trap, Vampire, Skeletal Pirate, Wraith, Steal Shield, Weakness.

After you defeat the wraiths, you collect a small, glowing golden key. The Spirit Keeper, a ghost, appears next to a white pedestal.

Spirit Keeper: Powerful forces of darkness come. They have incredible strength. The spiral is not safe. Place the book on the pedestal. None but you may retrieve it.

You place the book on the pedestal and it is surrounded by a sphere of light.

TASK: Return to Za'ne - 1,000 XP

Za'ne: There were demons there? How is that possible? There must be something terrible happening here. You also found a key? Take it to Ambrose immediately!

TASK: Talk to Merle Ambrose

Ambrose: I'm afraid our troubles are far from over, young wizard. Do you mind if I examine that key?

You hand him the key.

Ambrose: This key contains great power. It is the key to the world of Celestia. It is far, far away and nobody's been there for ages. I wonder how those demons found it. Although it may be dangerous, I think you must go there. If the demons were trying to stop you, then there must be something in Celestia that they don't want you to do. Perhaps, we can find a way to open the Krokonomicon. Good luck, young wizard.

You go to Bartleby and travel to the world of Celestia. You appear in a large, white castle and there are clouds outside the windows. The castle is called "The Prison of Souls." This place is the safe zone. You can purchase clothing, islands and housing items from Sylvia and Malistaire Drake. The mini-games to get mana are behind them.

TASK: Talk to Malistaire Drake - 3,500 XP, 250 Gold, +1 potion

Malistaire: Don't be afraid of me, young wizard. I am dead; I cannot harm you. My powers were futile. I am no master over death at all.

Sylvia: You could've done even more if you didn't turn evil. Why did you have to?

Malistaire: *Sighs sadly* For that mistake, I am sentenced to stay in this castle forever. If you are wondering where you are and why I am not a ghost, it is because this is Celestia, the spirit world. Everyone may come here but only the living may leave. There is a much greater power now. I was hardly any threat at all. To stop this, we need to unlock the secrets of Life and Death. We need to decipher the Krokonomicon.

Sylvia: The only one who has a key to unlock the book now would be the dark lord's right hand man. He lurks around this world causing chaos. Unfortunately, the location of the dark lord himself is unknown. I will help you with life and Malistaire will help you with death, although he can't leave this place.

Malistaire: I'm sorry for everything I've done. I'll do everything I can to help you stop the dark lord. Then the light will return to the spiral and I may have another change to be free. But first things first, the dark lord's army has barricaded the castle gate. Go to Moo Shu and find some firecrackers to destroy this door.

TASK: Talk to Su Lee. Su Lee: I remember you. You helped save our emperor. What do you need? Firecrackers? I afraid our New Years was only last month. I doubt there would be any more left. Talk to Prospector Zeke.

Prospecter Zeke: Hi there. I finally got my hands on one of them keys ter Celestia! I just had ter come back fer some stuff I left here. You look like ya need help! Firecrackers? I don't think I've seen any lately. Wait! I saw a mysterious dark figure carrying some. It just went behind the spiral chamber.

TASK: Walk behind the Spiral Chamber and find dark figure.

Dark Figure: You want these firecrackers, don't you? I suggest you stop meddling in the dark lord's plans if you want to avoid trouble.

A portal opens and the dark figure goes inside.

TASK: Follow dark figure into portal.

The dark figure removes its cloak and reveals a man underneath.

Dark Figure: You want to fight? I am Sir ShadowWalker! Prepare to meet your doom, wizard!

TASK: Defeat Sir ShadowWalker

Sir ShadowWalker is Myth. He has 3,000 health. His deck contains one or more of each of the following: Myth Blade, Orthrus, Weakness, Remove Shield, Living Puppet minion, Minotaur, Earthquake, Storm Shield. Resists 90% myth and boosts 75% storm.

TASK: Return firecrackers to Malistaire Drake. - 1,250 XP, 85 Gold

Malistaire: I think the Dark Lord already knows our plans. He has spies everywhere. Nothing is secret anymore. But with these firecrackers, you and my wife can escape! The Moo Shu firecrackers and powerful. Go blast the door down.

TASK: Use firecrackers to clear doorway - 500 XP

Malistaire: Follow my wife. She will help you from here.

TASK: Go outside and explore The Crystal Plaza. 50 XP

Sylvia: As you can see, this place isn't as beautiful as it once was. The dark lord's army was once here. They may return once they find out what you've done with the Krokonomicon. I will give you a protection spell that will help you. It is only effective when you're not in an actual battle. The power of the Krokonomicon is with you and nobody can hurt you unless you fight them. The Dark lord's right-hand man, Terrev, is up there in that cloud up there. The only way to get up there now is to create a hover spell. It requires a lot of power to manipulate gravity so we need some way to get lots of it. Defeat some red-suited soldiers. They are the easiest and they carry bottles of soul essence with them.

TASK: Defeat and collect 10 bottles of Soul essence from red-suited soldiers.

Chance that you will collect a bottle from soldier: 75%

Red-suited soldiers wander around 'The Crystal Plaza'. They are Fire and have 1,100 health each. They have 15% power pip percentage. Their decks contains one or more of each of the following: Fire Blade, Fire Trap, Sunbird, Heck Hound, Phoenix, Helephant, Ghoul, Banshee, Weakness. They resist Fire 80% and boost Ice 50%.

TASK: Return Soul Essence to Sylvia Drake - 1,500 XP

Sylvia-Great now to make the spell.

You hand her the bottle

Sylvia- All I need is the couldren of thunder. You should find this couldren In the Storm Lords Keep. He Does not take well to visitors so be warned.

TASK: Get couldren from Storm Lord in Storm Lords Keep

*This is the first dungeon In Celestia*

In the Dungeon You see the Storm Lord

Storm Lord- Ha ha a new challanger to race bring it on wizard.

TASK-Catch Storm Lord

Storm Lord-He he you will never find me (Talking to Self) He he atleast not in my Kitchen.

*Later after Beating all bosses and have gained the key to the Kitchen.*

Storm Lord-You are the first to make it to my Kitchen how about you honor me with a battle. OH you want my couldren. Tell ya what if you beat me you can have it.

(Storm Lord's Deck-Storm Lord, Stormzilla, Thunder snake)

I need help with the rest of the story guys post your ideas. winner will be announced later and if you have better ideas for diffrent worlds. Try to continue this story that is what the contest would be i want to see how far it can go. (P.S.) "Storm Lord" "Scarecrow" "Orthrus" "Anti Bartleby" "Frost Giant" "Dragon" get what i'm saying well follow it up! :-D