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What gets a person kicked off your friend list?

Feb 03, 2012
I find most people annoying, anymore. I only have three people on my friends list (all of their wizards).
Since I started playing this game, about three years ago, it seems like people are getting more rude,
more annoying, and less friendly. So, when someone asks me to friend them, I will add them to my list,
but I will delete them as soon as I see they are off line. If they bother me with any of the issues listed
above they get booted immediately and added to my Ignore list. The ignore list is rather long now.

Feb 12, 2012
Being a max level life wizard I feel awful about having to remove people from friends list, but if you constantly message me that you need a heal or want help with a dungeon or boss and expect me to attack and keep you healed, you will get the boot. Also, repeatedly asking me for crown shop items, yes, I do help some close friends out but it is really rude to ask someone for tc cards or crown items constantly, if you need gold that bad I will help you farm, but most of the time people don't want to take the time to earn their own gold. I am an adult and my husband a Death Wizard and I play with our son a Fire Wizard. We laugh and joke around, the purpose of the game is to have fun, too many players take it far to seriously. And just as a footnote when you ask a wizard for help and you want heals only or support only please specify I have multiple decks set up, that way when I help someone I have the appropriate level of spells. Basically be nice to me and I will be nice to you, and be willing to pay your dues and work to get your wizard to its max potential, if you are rude or constantly asking for things you get the boot. peace out

Feb 07, 2011
generally speaking, i am pretty chill; however, there are a few shortcuts that will guarantee you a spot on dr. von's ignore list:

1) being creepy~ this game is not an online dating site, k? so don't hit on me... not only is is super awkward, but it's also obvious to me that you're underage and that makes me even more uncomfortable.

if you are an adult doing this, it doesn't make sense and you're being creepy (to quote the fan-fic of horribleness). so please do us all a favour and knock it off~ kthanksbye.

2) begging for gifts/tc/crowns/etc.~ look, i don't have "spare" anything to give you. and, even if i did, why would i? also, if i say no to your help request, there is a good reason, so don't spam "help" at me after i've said no.

3) general disrespect~ this includes, but is in no way limited to, swearing at me around the filter, hate speech, and everything previously mentioned above. depending on the severity/if i'm feeling nice, i might (jokingly) ask you to tone it down first, but the more explicit stuff is reported immediately and you will be blocked without question.

4) teleporting without asking first~ me having ports on is extremely rare; the most likely scenario is that i am helping a friend and forgot to turn them back off. but that does not give you permission to port to me at random if you haven't asked first~ depending on my mood, i'll either a) grumble a bit and tell you not to do it again, or 2) block and delete you.

(the great vonawesome is a solitary creature and prefers her own company, unless specifically seeking that of other players. as a general rule, chatting with teammates in a dungeon is totally cool, but pop into my garden unexpectedly and you'll likely feel my wrath)


Dec 26, 2013
I have to share something that happened last night. As I've mentioned before, I usually accept all friend requests... I can sort them out later... and last night I accepted one from someone next to the Team-up Kiosk. Less than twenty seconds later, here it comes, I get a whisper asking if I have Crowns. I was in a mischievous mood so I answered, "Yes I do." Then came the question "Can you gift me two packs?". Not just one pack but two!!! I said "Why would I want to do that, I don't even know you?" to which they replied... "Because we've been friends for a long time in the game." I'm not sure what alternate reality this person lives in that twenty seconds is a long time but in my world it doesn't count.

Sep 19, 2012
I must say I agree with all of the above reasons to remove someone, plus would like to beg ki for a sort of extra "temp" list..
like when you feeling generous and wanna random pity hatch for a sweet noob..or you feel like random helping a frustrated (yet polite) crafter and trade some tc directly..even friends of friends that ask sweetly for help with one boss or ahead of time mention they farming for a "collect" quest yet your/their friend is logging off soon..you find someone in the pet pavilion obviously new yet sweet and gently asking where is a good spot to farm decent snacks(like level 20ish) I might be one to walk up(if not busy) and offer a quick run through my winterbane..
those are a few instances where I would say, ok I will put you on my temporary list and help/let-you-port-back-to-me/etc for next 30 minutes... maybe the list could auto-purge once a week too! :D
be kinda helpful, no we don't wanna put up with constant bothersome requests, but every now and then I don't mind helping a random person and I think a tiny temporary list(in both wiz&pir) could be a refreshing thing to have..maybe 50, be even cooler if we then could sort by subject somehow for example between hatch requests, gardening questions, mob help, fof(friends of friends) or what have ya..
tell me whatcha think? any of you think it could help the community? or just me?
stormy jen silver

Sep 05, 2010
I usually don't kick people off my friend list, because I don't add that many people. However, the few people that I do add, I make sure that I want them on my friend list, and I'm usually friends with them for a long time.

Oct 24, 2015
I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but I'm not a fan of people that lack any concept of strategy. I don't care about triggering traps with wands and stuff or accidentally wasting a lot of damage by targeting something that is going to die anyways or could be taken out easier.

What I'm talking about are people that always go for the boss in a fight first even if it has 2x or even 4x the health of the minions doing the same damage. Also, people that refuse to focus fire one at a time if they are going to use direct spells. I've been in fights with another player who hit all 3 of the enemies once with an attack (not wand hits either) before finally killing something. It's basic logic to kill the weakest creatures first and to use focus fire to take them out one at a time. It can reduces the amount of damage you are forced to take dramatically. More importantly (in doing so) it increases your chance of overall success and probably saves some time as you aren't forced to heal as much.

Mostly it just annoys me to watch though. As a life wizard I might be busy healing so if I have to watch you play poorly it's just going to irritate me. I shouldn't have to attempt to teach players such basic things. It's not worth it to me.

There is a bunch more of course that many people have listed. People that are rude of course aren't worth the time. I'm not interested in listening to people that are full of themselves either. I'm not going to give you praise and I really don't care. They are either bratty children looking for attention or adults in need of a reality check.