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What feature would you like to see improved in the

Aug 18, 2009
Greetings Wizards! I would love to know this week what you would like to see improved in the Wizard Creator process. I look forward to seeing all of your responses!

What feature would you like to see improved in the Wizard Creator process?
More Wizard names 30%
More Wizard faces 23%
More hairstyles and hair colors 30%
Ability to change eye color 17%

Jun 24, 2008
Well, I voted for the ability to change eye color, but honestly, I'd really like to have all of those! And maybe the ability to change our wizard's build and appearance to more accurately reflect our ages (nothing too drastic, but maybe just to the point of looking more like we're 17 or 18?)

Jul 30, 2009
All of them sounded good to me. Wish there had been an 'all of the above' option. LOL!

But since I only had one choice, I choose the hairstyle and color one. Because currently, my character's hair style is driving me bonkers.

Depending on the hat she's wearing, she either has a bob cut or balled up ponytails. And in real life, my hair is long and I wear it loose. Which I'd like to see her wear, to reflect a bit of 'me' with.

Also, since I've been growing grey hair for awhile, I'd love to add a touch of grey in her's as well. Like above, so she's more represenative of 'me'. Youthfulness is all nice and such. But I'm very proud of my years and having a 'young wizard' in appearance just makes me feel strange somehow. LOL!

May 02, 2009
I chose the ability the change eye color because for my Grandmaster Fire wizard's(and also my first wizard')face, the face was cool, but I really wanted a different eye color for that face to be honest, like that face with blue eyes.

The name was perfect and I had no trouble choosing it. I'll post why I chose that name in that certain topic.

Hair styles, again, not a problem, but more hair styles would be good for any future wizards I create.

Hair color, not a problem, I chose a black hair color becaused it looked cool with the hair style I chose.

Aug 30, 2009
I chose eye color as I do like some of the shapes, but would love to have the color "reflect me". Actually, any but names would be great, and body shapes would be great too. Name expansion is ok, but not a priority, in my book. :D

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I voted, but I have one thing that has always bugged me, and that is color names. When you go to the dye shop, etc, you can get the colors listed...but not in character creation. Now this might not seem like a problem unless you have problems with color-blindness, then, who knows, you are running around in strange colors.

Just a thought, as as you have done it for Zeke, merchants and the dye shop, well, nice to be consistant.

Apr 29, 2009
i would like more names because i couldnt go for my real name but i dont mind about surnames mine is cool (Alex SilverBlood) i would like orange hair my fav colour is orange. i had to send this again because i acclidnetly deleted it.

Alex SilverBlood
Level 45
Fire school