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What do you do with extra training points?

Jul 10, 2012
I have 9 saved up. I think its time I used them to some advantage. Thoughts? Most people train life as a secondary skill? Or?

Apr 10, 2010
You could get defences (single type one) and disapate spells. If you do not have Reshuffle get it.

Sabrina Raventhief

Feb 03, 2012
It all depends on what you have now, a little bit more information would help. Anyways You should train mostly in sun and star schools if you already haven't, and if you have then yea go for life it's a good choice.

Oct 24, 2010
Ionik wrote:
I have 9 saved up. I think its time I used them to some advantage. Thoughts? Most people train life as a secondary skill? Or?

it depends on your school. Death has no reason to train life since their spells give you half the damage back as life.
It also depends on if you really need a secondary school. My guess is you don't since you haven't used them yet.
Wait until you get to Celestia and beyond where you can train the Sun, Star and Moon schools.

Jul 03, 2010
Ionik wrote:
I have 9 saved up. I think its time I used them to some advantage. Thoughts? Most people train life as a secondary skill? Or?

I save mine, I don't take the extra Zeke quests after Mooshu. I get the blade from Niles then train the Sun spells to Colossus. So far this has been working pretty well for me. Most all can be made up with gear now since the choices have become endless.

Jul 22, 2009
just my opinion of course:

ravenwood schools:
storm: lvl8 shields are ok if you already have everything lol
fire: elf is nice for storm balance and kinda life, shields about equal to storm
ice: tower is fantastic! always get
balance: weakness is very nice especially for pvp, sandstorm is good if you have balance mastery and are life death and maybe storm ... storm is because tempest won't go low pip unless you have low pips hence it can cause problems with minions
life: sprite for balance maybe storm or fire because of healing current and power link ... death might not want it because of their global but only because of pvp, all other types opt for satyr
myth: i really wouldn't train this ... types like life storm and death could get myth mastery amulet and train humongofrog for a 4 pip aoe, earthquake is an option if you don't like using shatter treasures ... remember training myth stops you from using life or balance mastery which are usually better
death: everyone needs feint, doom & gloom "could" help for pvp ... but you usually only need infection

other non-astral trainer spells (and diego):
sabrina greenstar: train a shield for some special solo fight if you do it allot but usually not helpful
mortis in nightside: infection is increadible! get this one for sure
diego the duel master: cloak is nice for keeping things in balance when reshuffling, if you pvp get conviction, if not you could get stun block instead ... you really should go for conviction though because things in avalon critical so much making the extra block help
colosus boulevard secret trainer: couldn't remember the name! but reshuffle should be a must train, dispels can really help against enemies and players who use x ranks especially balance (judge)
krokotopia secret trainer: doesn't really help lol
niles: the blades and traps corresponding to your school are very powerful however you might not want traps for pvp
marleybone secret trainer: i've heard using steal health with types that get high health minions is nice but if you do train this you should either skip sprite or go to satyr because it's used in place of sprite

sun: monstrous gargantuan or colossal are a must get but plan out which you will get in advance ... you should get 37 training points according to duelist101 (might not have the exact name but close enough and true), avoid training mutations, keen eyes is nice for 100% accurate heals
moon: sometimes helpful for teams but be very careful training these and DO NOT use in pvp
star: best school ever! :D amplify for big hits, fortify if you solo, infallible for pvp, vengeance for spamming, mend if you're life definitely train these

there are some trainers in avalon too but you probably shoulnd't train them outside your school aka. don't use your points on them

anyway, sorry for poor grammar and punctuation but i didn't want to long on this

Austin Waterstone - lvl71, pvp knight ... i think lol (could be storm on knight)

May 17, 2011
Ionik wrote:
I have 9 saved up. I think its time I used them to some advantage. Thoughts? Most people train life as a secondary skill? Or?

train life if you want to, but save a few for celestia. Not that you won't get more by then, but still.

May 17, 2010
i would wait cause who knows what kingsisle has for us in the future

Oct 19, 2009
I suggest:

Take :

Ice to tower shield (5) [ Good for all around protection, and vs balance in PVP]

Death to feint(9) [ Great for low level wizards that need the extra power]
or just get infection [ Helps slow down healing in pvp]

Life to Satyr(9)

Balance to weakness (4) [ reduces damage done to you in pvp]
or reshuffle only (1). Ensure your dont run out of cards ever!

Fire to fire elf (2) [ Great shield remover for only two pips. It also can be enchanted for use on any elemental school ( storm and Ice elf). Great pvp tool.

Star School: Infallible, vengence [ Infallible is good for wizards that doesn't have good accuracy in higher level gear like, Death, Life, Balance, ice. It also eliminates pet resistance in pvp. Should be used with gargantuan or colossal!Vengece is good in quest line to boost your critical rating for faster kills] (2)

Sun school to colossal (5) [ boost your attacks big time]

Aug 10, 2009
Save them up for later Who knows there might be some new spells coming.

Dec 22, 2010
since i began my ice file, i used my points on life spells from moolinda till i got to satyr, then i got reshuffle, and now i'm gonna use my points for astral spells for celestia, zafaria, and avalon worlds (if avalon has a trainer, i know zafaria has one. tell me if avalon has a trainer for astral spells please :D)

LvL. 34 Thaumaturge:
Ian IceHunter
Doing Knight's Court in Marleybone! Look for me!

Sep 30, 2009
Ionik wrote:
I have 9 saved up. I think its time I used them to some advantage. Thoughts? Most people train life as a secondary skill? Or?
It's completely up to you what you do with your training points. Just because I think it's useful, I always try to get healing and shield spells so that I have something to back me up on in battle. But what you pick it up ot you.

Feb 17, 2010
I would go for life or death, satyr is essential in combat and life's global spell can be very useful in a long battle .
The only reason for death is feint, this spell is awesome . If you are a myth, feint is not helpful until you get medusa.If you have the death mastery amulet, then the other spells become handy. But, even without the amulet, Feint is still amazing . :)

Mar 24, 2009
I have 12 tp saved up but I am going to learn cloak, it seems like a good spell :)

Sep 24, 2010
Get Satyr, Colossal and Tower shield. You can never go wrong. They are useful in both leveling up and PvP.

Community Leader

I save mine. You never know when Ki would add a new spell that you would like and it will cost a training point. I believe on one of my Wizards I have 11 points just waiting :).

Other things to use Points on are;
traps or shields

Feb 24, 2009
Mar 25, 2009
What I'm going to do on my storm wizard is save them up until around the end of celestia ( i have 9 right now) and then use them all on the sun school. (and get elemental blade. Still haven't got it yet) XD

Jul 10, 2012
for extra training points you should first go to krokotopia and go to the balance tree and learn the tri blade spells and tri trap spell it really help for adding on extra dammage :)

Jul 30, 2012
in my opionoin i think ther are three need to learn spell schools

death-heal a little and attack at same time

life-emergency healing (death isnt enough healing for that, you can stop training this school after last healing spell)

storm- powerful (some bosses heal repeatedly high attacks make those battles easier)
in my case i am a storm wizard because when i first started it sayed storm was powerful, i choose death next beacuse it could heal and attack at same time, and i am learning life because some times i lose battles because i cant heal enough

after you train those schools save the rest the other schools cards have no special advantages later other world (from what i am told) let you train other schools

its totally your choice if you agree with me or not this is what i would reccomend hope this helped

Apr 08, 2011
I'd train a secondary school, and when you finish that school, get some combo traps and combo blades from the Balance Tree in Krokosphinx.

~Melissa&Jasmine, Life&Ice

Feb 14, 2011
(I know this forum is ten days old, but I passed it while looking in Ravenwood News and just had to give my thoughts.)

Personally, after choosing which secondary school fits my wizard best and maxing that out, I put the rest of my training points towards buying as many or all shields that I may need, along with many, many other extra spells from around the Spiral that fit my current wizard's schools, including Sun, Star or Moon spells by the time I get to Celestia to accommodate/support the rest of my primary and secondary schools. If there are any TPs leftover, I save them. Like others have said, who knows when KI will bring out extra spell cards. :)

Jan 02, 2011
Well usually when I have extra training points I'll get some new spells like the astrals or some defenses like the ones Sabrina Greenstar has in the Commons.Recently,since I have a fair amount of training points as well I've gotten some defense (ie.fortify,tower shield,etc.) and even considered a third or fourth school I hope this helps. :D

Sincerely,Scarlet Silverhunter
Grandmaster Sorcerer

Jan 04, 2010
Aug 05, 2010
First thing to consider is your secondary school, I choose fire on many to get efreet (having the fire amulet) and death as secondary school not only for the life available through the spells but mostly to get the feint which is the most important spell in the book! When you buy the tc feint and use your feint on an enemy you have just created a dynomite hit. Next is to get the balance elemental blade and the spirit blade depending on your two schools at the balance tree in kroktopia (hopefully your two schools match the blades). You can get the traps as well according to schools. For your super power shots you need the hand it's a sun school collect all of those (you have to in order to get the colossus hand). You need the amulet of your secondary school for overall coverage and fast shots. Plus you want to buy the larger secondary school spells at the bazaar as treasure cards and keep these in your side deck. Like i always carry the crow and extra feints and converts for both schools just in case. Next is to have amplify, empowerment, and critical you will need these in celestia, zafaria and avalon (amplify is a must in avalon so is empowerment for the pips). These spells are in the moon school, I think. There is only one polymorph that i care to spend a training point on and that is the treant and that gives me the ability to heal others it has come in handy. With these you do not need a huge deck a small deck of fourty or fourty five cards works great. It's faster because your shots are easier to set up. Not so hard to find the spell or boost that you need. Remember to work this deck as a multi spell deck so you can hit all enemies at one time. The only time you need a bigger deck is if you are fighting a boss that is of your own school then you need the extra converts and some shields would be nice. Hope this helps I have six wizards: ice, fire, storm, death, balance, and myth all are Heros of Avalon and level eighty.