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what do i do for my life

Dec 21, 2011
I want to know what school I should have for because I want to have the attack like when I am alone and then I want to also keep my defense up what should I do?

Mar 10, 2009
My life was fire secondary until she got to Celestia then I turned all my points in for the new schools. She does just fine now. I did get a lot of morphs but I never use them because I have gotten burned to many times while trapped in the wrong form. I am going to retrain and get rid of them. Fire is strong enough to help you out until you get your Forest Lord and Gnomes, then you can kick all the tushie you want when you aren't keeping your friends alive.

Jul 03, 2010
jacob wraith70 on Nov 13, 2013 wrote:
I want to know what school I should have for because I want to have the attack like when I am alone and then I want to also keep my defense up what should I do?
I spent training points wrongly on my original wizard which is Life. I was not sorry I did Death to Feint though. I also got the stun block from Diego, Tri-Blade from Niles and then at level 50 the Sun spells though Colossus, you don't have to take the accuracy ones to progress in the fists ones.

You are a one hitter till level 58 so it's a long haul. Feint helps with boss fights. I kept gear current by visiting the Bazaar every 5-10 levels though level 58 if you don't craft the level 56 gear. Carrying a death wand to break shields life monsters like to put out helped.

I soloed this wizard though the end of Zafaria with less then 10 instances I wanted help with.

Feb 07, 2011
my life wizard is all kinds of awesome sauce;i trained ice to tower, plus the astral buffs. so, combined with her mad healing skillz, she rarely, if ever, dies in combat.

you really don't need a secondary school: i'm just too lazy/cheap to buy her points back, since i can think of better ways to waste 10,000 crowns (hoard packs, anyone?). if you absolutely want a secondary school, i would go with myth because 1) they have humungofrog/low-pip attack-all spell, and 2) your spirit blades (from niles the balance tree in krok) will work for both.

(i did this with my death wizard because, like life, they don't get their attack-all spell until about 30 levels after they need it)


since i was also too lazy/impatient to wait until level 58 for my forest lord, i bought a bunch of tc and stuffed my sideboard full of them. i keep forgetting to train feint, but my damage boost is 65%, so it doesn't matter because i am awesome and my forest lord does 6000/enemy anyway.

right now, my wizard is just starting zafaria and has a combination of waterworks and wt crafted gear; i have soloed the entire game with her thus far, and i do not pack heals or shields for mob fights.

von's deck setup of amazing sauce

levels 57 and under

1 lifeblade
1 spirit blade
2 life trap
1 reshuffle
as many forest lord tc as you can fit in your sideboard.

level 58+

1 lifeblade
1 amulet blade
1 gear blade
1 spirit blade
1 gargantuan/colossal/whatever
1 forest lord
1 reshuffle

add a couple of heals, plus an extra reshuffle and a garg'ed centaur for boss fights.

hope this helps!



Dec 21, 2011
Ok thx peoples I shall try some of this thx for the help :D

Sep 17, 2012
Death is also a good second school for life. Since most train it up to feint anyways. It shares spirit blades/traps like myth and you can also go farm Loremaster for Deer Knight for a powerful low pip attack all spell.