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What color is your gear?

Feb 17, 2011
I stuck with my school colors of purple and gold for a while, but I got bored of always wearing the same color so now I have a blue main color with a white trim. I like it a lot but I'll probably change it again when I upgrade to better gear soon.

My death wizard right now has a black main color with red trim. It looks good with his red hair and red dragon mount.

What colors did you pick for your gear and why?

May 10, 2010
Fire is Red with Blue Trim
Ice is Blue with White Trim
Storm is Dark Purple with Yellow Trim
Death is Black with Black Trim
Myth is Yellow with Purple Trim
Life is Blue with White Trim
Balance is Light Purple with Blue Trim

I personally like most of my characters to be in somewhat school colors and it does not bother me if people know my school by my colors in PvP!

I am what I am and I am proud of it!

Feb 04, 2009
Balance: White with Dark Orange Trim
Ice: Black with Light Blue Trim
Storm: Black with Dark Purple Trim
Myth: Dark Blue with Yellow Trim
Fire: Red with Black Trim
Death: White with Black Trim

Feb 16, 2009
My Pyromancer has changed styles more than I change the channel on my TV, and I'm not really proud of it. I started out with my primary base and secondary trim: red and purple, but mid-Krokotopia, I thought that was ugly, so I changed to all-red. In Marleybone, I had the coolest outfit that made me look SO awesome, so I changed to black and red to spice it up. At one point, Jack wore all white with his outfit... I'm not sure where that one came from, but eventually, I settled with all red.

My Theurge, Marcus Drake, always stuck with green and black; it really fit his character.

My Diviner, Victor Moongem, has light purple and green, to reflect his schools, Storm and Life. I may restyle him a little later, though.

Apr 30, 2010
Life: pink and silver
Myth: i stayed with the myth colors blue and yellow
Death: white, red, and black.

Oct 31, 2009
I use brown with green trim on my life wizard It looks good and it's cheap

Aug 06, 2010
Balance w/ Fire: gold with orange trim
Death w/ Ice: usually blk w/ drk blue, currently gold w/blk trim
Storm w/ Death: drk purple and gold combo
Ice w/ Death: any blue w/ blk trim
Life no second yet: gold w/ green trim

I usually stick with the school colors and I use gold often because it looks more like a neutral tan to me. I think people can pretty much know what school my wizards are.

May 27, 2010
well... here are mine:
Ice: Dark Blue & Black( I like dark colors :) ) it was my main and if I may say it is my best, he has all the good stuff his gear includes: Celestian Snow Cover(Fire Elegant Hat Stitched), Celestian Snow Boots( Cleric's Style Storm BootsStitched), Celestian Snow Robe(forgot the right name haven't been able to log in)(Ice Design Daredevil's Jacket Stitched) and this is definitely my favorite Character.
Balance: Black with Gold Trim(I made her a Girl Char for a simple reason I do not wish to say right now)
Fire: Red Base and Black Trim
Life: Dark Green and White
Myth: same as Ice lol
Death: Black and White(I am always reminded of my death in Art Class 8) )

Mar 06, 2011
My main wiz is red with silver trim, she is fire!
I have a balance that is gold and red as well, but she is still very new!

Dec 21, 2009
Balance- Black and green
Death- Black and light blue
(Black and second school's colors for the trim)

Feb 12, 2011
Fire: red and black
Ice: white and blue
Storm: purple and gold
Life: light green and dark green
Myth: yellow and black (try it out it looks awesome imo)
Death: black and white or black and red
Balance: all brown

Apr 11, 2010
I was wearing a nice purple trim with white outfit. Now I'm wearing a green outfit with brown after I got this really nice robe from GrizzleHeim.

I noticed my wizards hair and boots, and the robe looked like the furred vest Hiccup wore from How To Train Your Dragon (Awful title, wonderful film)

So I just started copying the look.

Jul 27, 2009
i am thinking of doing my wizards all in the same outfit the same color scheme.

then no one will know what wizard is playing

Apr 09, 2011
Mine is for base: Dark green and for the trim: light green.
It shows the power and respect of a life wizard.

Jul 04, 2010
death - black and light blue
storm - light blue and silver
balance - orange and gold
ice - black and dark purple but will change to silver and light blue eventually
myth - black on black
fire - black and light blue