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What cheats would your wizard use?

Jul 25, 2010
Yup, that's right. If your wizard wasn't the saviour of the Spiral, and was instead someone to stop them in their tracks, what would their cheats be? Who would they fight alongside with? You could add your wizard to an existing boss, or create a new one, or maybe your wizard is a solo boss.

Jasmine is a Balance wizard who is an assistant warden at the Bastille, Polaris. She fights alongside the final boss of the Bastille, Warden Vissarovich. Health is at 17,500, and she has access to Shadow magic.
  • Every time someone on the other team blades, she interrupts and casts either a Balance Blade or an Elemental Blade onto Vissarovich, each different than the last one
  • If someone uses Enfeeble on Vissarovich, she interrupts with the saying "I SHALL TAKE WHAT YOU TOOK FROM ME" and uses Enfeeble on the caster
She also loves to cast Nested Fury. A lot.

So, any others with their take on their cheating wizards?

May 07, 2015
hey there! here is my opinion and boss!

it sounds so cool. like so cool its colder then grizzleheim. lol

miranda is a fire wizard who is a minion to malistaire the undying. darkmoor. wizard city.
health is 100.000 and she has shadow magic.

if she dies she says wizard! i will return! and uses a dryad for half of her health
if malistaire dies she says my master! you'll pay for that! and uses sun serpent for 3.000 health
if someone fizzles she says we all fizzle. here. and gives your team a 19%+ accuracy blade
if a trap is casted she says if i go down. you go down! and uses a 100% feint on you and her

she loves to use raging bull. she does alot.

what do ya think?

Dec 11, 2009
Amber is a Storm wizard who is an optional boss in Khrysalis. She can be found at a submerged cave in Crescent Beach.

She has 25,000 health and has Shadow magic.

  • If an attack fails to OKHO her, she will cast a Healing Current for half of the health that she lost.
  • If a shield is placed on any player, she will use a modified Shadow Shrike that has 90% pierce and 5% damage before attacking the shielded player with an unmodified Leviathan.

Her favorite attack is either a bladed Storm Owl or Sirens.

I love posts like these, thank you for posting!

Mar 28, 2010
My ice already has cheats with his may cast fairy pet so he would have:

7.4k health
Ice school
Casts fairy randomly

Lvl 110
Lvl 104
Lvl 27

Aug 05, 2013
I would be a rank 17 balance boss 100,000 health
Every round, I would use a physical attack that costs no pips but 500 per pip.
If a wizard joins late in the round, I would cheat cast mana burn on all the wizards, supernova, and powernova.
At 50% health I will cast sanctuary and crit on Avaling Hands then quickly cast Doom and Gloom. If a wizard takes off the aura, then I would cast a 30-% healing version of Doom and Gloom and cast mass infection. Every 2 rounds this will be repeated
If someone steals the drift, I will mana burn the wizard who casted and deal 500 damage to myself
Everytime my minion is defeated, it will be replaced with a judgement minion that has 10,000 health and cheat casts Judgement every round costing no pips. This minion will be killed by sap health in 2 rounds and it will be repeated very 3 rounds
Every 5 rounds, I will cast a 100% version of Balance blade.
If Bad Juju is casted send the weakness back to the wizard who casted
If an aura is casted, I will use a 1000000 damage version of Supernova on the wizard
At round 15, every round a 5000 damage version of Ra will be casted. It will increase in 5,000's until the battle is over.