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What Can We Do When We Are True Friends

Feb 14, 2009
I am a True Friend with Donna RoseDreamer.
I do not get what we can do when we are true friends.
What do we do?
Can we trade items such as mount robes etc.
Please tell me what we can do when we are true friends.
And how we do it.
Thank You,
Lenora SkyWhisper
Magus Conjurer
lvl 35

Mar 08, 2009
Hi, I could very well be mistaken, but I am quite sure that being True Friends only lets the game know that both of you are actually Friends in real life.

You basically talk to True Friends using the regular "Filtered Chat".

You cannot trade things, or interact any differently with True Friends then you can with any of your other "normal" Friends who have "Filtered Chat" enabled.

But the names of your True Friends are listed in a different color on your Friends List though.

Jul 11, 2009
When you are True Friends, your friend's name will appear in green.