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What Balance Truly Is. Stop Fighting.

Nov 26, 2008
The history book in the school ofe life clearly states that life is order. If you don't believe me go read it.
Yes I do believe you, but that has nothing to do with the post and could it possibly be that TWO schools can be order? Mkaythxbye.

Mar 20, 2009
LetterBee wrote:
WaterGirl101 wrote:
They're plenty of forums dicussing Balance. Whether one of them is deffending Judgement and it's shields, or another is ranting about how overpowered Balance is. As Balance Wizards, I think it is fair for us to have a voice in this continuous 'problem'. I understand that some think it is overpowered because they have never played a Balance Wiz, and do not understand it's role in combat, as well as its history.
I think it's fair that if the one's who hate Balance lecture us, we must occasionally lecture them.

Balance is the center of all the schools. That being said, it has a little bit of everything as well as some things of it's own. Many say Balance is a weak school that draws it's power from other schools as if it were a parisite.
Some, however, truly understand Balance and know it is a school that puzzles together bits and pieces from the other schools to achieve something greater. Keep in mind that that IS in the game and I did not make it up myself.
So what is Balance? Balance is EVERYTHING. It is order, it's opposite would be chaos (which, in fact, is Death. Explaining how Death has a boost against Balance.).
Balance is not 'sand', it is Fire, Ice and Storm. I know many do not know that, as I recall someone once saying,"Hydra isn't even Balance!" Which of course it is.
As I already have said, Balance puzzles together all the schools to create something different and greater of power. So what makes Balance unique? It's shields, Judgement, no dispells against it and no shields against it.
You see? Without those things Balance is NOTHING. It having these things does not make it 'overpowered' it makes it unique.
Why, I've never heard someone calling Ice overpowered for its Frost Armor.
Nor Storm for it's powerful attacks.
I'm not saying that you should complain against these schools, I'm saying People choose to bully Balance because they do not understand it.

This post was for those who do not to understand what Balance is.

Stop fighting.

Without Balance the Spiral would fall into Chaos.

That means you're dead.

See ya in the Spiral!

well there are a lot of unfair things about balance and what you said
1. If the world fell into chaos wouldn't life wizards be able to heal it?
2.All spiritual attacks(life, myth, and death) have a boost against balance
3.Judgement can kill in one hit
4.The only shields against it is absorb, frost armor, and tower shield
5.It can shield against almost all schools except itself
6.Balance has 2 kinds of blades(not including spiritual and elemental) they are one that can be used on one person and gives 25% and the other that gives all friends one
7.ALL other schools have a dispell spell even life and that works on HEALS too
8.Ice isn't overpowered because it takes very little damage and storm has a bad accuracy but balance is very strong and very accurate
9.It is only fair that ice has a spell that does more for having more pips even if it is a shield which is mainly what ice is for

Just saying

Scarlet RedThorn grandmaster fire
Chris DeathBringer lvl 34 look at the name and guess though you'll most likely be wrong

Its not impossible to beat a balance wizard. I know I have done it plenty of times. Every time I go up against a balance wizard on my fire character I just keep hitting him/her with attacks that last 3 turns and then shield only when necessary. Same thing with my death. I just keep using poison and then my real attack. Balance isn't unbeatable. I don't have a balance and I can understand what they are coming from. If there was a proper shield against balance they would have nothing pretty much. And dispel... eh yeah they could add dispel to the game if they want. I doubt it will make a difference cause you don't know who you will be dueling if your in the arena.

Jul 12, 2009
You are all acting like balance is the best school and you're getting me frustrated. Balance means everything is equal, right? So balance students should be the most humble. I think it even says that when you first create your character. Balance draws from all and helps all. There is no fight then, is there? :? :) :D

Abigail Spiritrider