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What Are Your Memories of Wizard101?

Mar 12, 2013
When I first started playing my fire, I went Death secondary and did fine with this setup all the way up to Sunken City.

That was a big wake-up call about the value of diversifying your secondary spell choices.

So I went and bought my train points back, said a tearful goodbye to Vampire and Ghoul, and learned some new spells in Life and Balance.

That very afternoon my death friend asked me to port to her to help her in Grizzleheim. She was facing some life dorks who had plastered themselves with death shields. She asked me to help clear them but I couldn't.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I broke up with Malorn today," I said with a heavy heart.

She was surprised and disappointed, and I'm still not sure it was the right decision over the long term. I would have liked to get Feint but since I no longer play that wizard, it's a decision for the future.

Feb 25, 2013
Two good memories:

First time in Krokotopia. It was so different than Wizard City, and I loved it.

Almost screaming when I realised I leveled up by teleporting into Azteca on the last round of a boss battle.

Unfortunately, one bad memory:

Being SO jealous of my sister when she battled Malistaire with a friend and the dungeon was full! Luckily, I am nearly there. She is still in Krokotopia.

Destiny Windgem, Crusher Crusher

Jul 28, 2011
I'm back

And going to do memories of dungeons

Mallys lair: I remember thinking "omg this is it" I was so excited and couldn't beleive I was finally here! And I was so rdy to face Malistaire

WW: I was pretty much thinking "How am i gonna do this another 49 times for gear...." Then I found it wasn't so bad...still annoying though. But now my favorite boss is luska

Mirror lake: I was happy to beat the zebra guy... And when Morganthe came I remember thinking "Her again!?" And at the spiders I said "ewwwwwww" *shiver*

Trial of spheres: I remember being happy to beat CL. And the astral stuff was cool....however I was tired and grumpy from staying up the night before trying to beat it so I wasn't too happy

Ghost AV: I remember liking the castle a lot, and I liked the dungeon. And I like battleing Morganthe Ha!

Big ben: "gosh how many floors are there?" And at Meowiarty and Mally I nearly fell out of my seat

Grubb dungeon: I was in level 60's so I just sped right through it....and I laughed at Grubb ahahahahaha

Golem tower: "Is w101 always gonna be like this....?"

Pagoda: I thought it was fun, and I wanted it

Angie the magnificent

Sep 25, 2010
Ah memories, I have so many. I joined mid to late 2010 I don't remember exactly when.

WC: I was so excited about trying a new game, when I first started playing it I loved the way the dueling concept was set up. I was also amazed by the graphics and I still think they're some of the better graphics I've seen. So basically my memory is first starting to play.

Krok: I remember discovering the real balance school and honestly it was a while ago I don't remember much of krok aside from the balance school and the shop accessed by teleport.

MB: honestly I absolutely hated everything about this world. I thought it was too long. I thought the number of times you got pulled in was ridiculous. I thought big city was annoying since I grew up in one and I was disgusted by all the pollution. Plus I was fed up with the city when I was little i don't want to be in a virtual one. The last complaint I have about MB is that the only kind of cats I like are wild cats. So really no actual memories, just complaints. And the Spiral georgraphic was ridiculously hard!

MS: I loved the Asian theme, it was so relaxing. No matter what happened it didn't get to you. I already was completely in love with cherry blossom trees and they were always one of my favorite things to paint. I remember bits and pieces of literally every single part of that world.

DS: I loved dragons. There were only 3 things that I loved more than cherry blossoms and one of them was dragons. If you think of dragons in writings or stories they were powerful and feared creatures. Obviously everyone remembers their first time facing malistaire. I was being helped by a friend who had beaten the game at the time and she had to leave in the middle of the mali fight. So i was left with malistaire at 6 thousand health and me at max which was about 2500, and i remember the helephant that beat him.

CL: It was awesome! It remains one of my favorite worlds. I loved the atlantian theme and the new astral schools made dueling so much more interesting and introduced an awesome new element to things. I remember being stuck for near weeks thinking about which astral school to train in. I picked sun and a few star spells.

ZF: I don't remember anything of it I completed the world in just over a week so I have nothing to say.

AV: I remembered finding a new found hate for storm on the first quest for storm goblins and getting a real wake up call when I found out how much health the bosses had. I remember being told about cassie the ponycorn and i couldn't wait to get her. I remember farming for weeks to get an amulet i was after.

I'm running out of characters so I will continue Azteca in my next post on here

Sep 25, 2010
Ok time for Azteca with all my space available.

AZ: I remember being suspicious when I had to go to cyrus instead of ambrose. I remember the stela itzamna quest when you see your first quetzal. I remember loving and being amazed at the attention to detail. I remember getting sun serpent which is my second favorite spell, my favorite is meteor strike. I remember loving the attention to detail in xibalba which I recently finished. I loved all the times actually seeing morganthe in cut scenes through out the world. I also remember agave nectar farming and how painful it was. Overall Azteca is my favorite world and I can't wait to see the next worlds.

Just keep wizarding-

Scarlet Dragonpetal

Sep 09, 2012
Wizard city best memory being in commons with my friend Cassandra moonstone (lvl 90)forming a line for cat mounts only.

Kroc finally getting tomb of storms

Marley nothing really

Mooshu soloing jade ONI

Dragonspyre riding battle drake

Celestial getting a starfish pet

Zf mirror lake for sure

Avalon my first boss

Dakota wildhunter level 72 myth

Nov 26, 2011
I played since Celestia was just released. (This is my second account so ignore the date.)
One of my memories is when I thought Rattlebones was tough. Then when I ported to Krokotopia to a friend, I wanted so badly to get there, thinking it was awesome. I also had no idea what I was clicking on when I was casting a spell. Good memories.
-Jasmine FireBlade, level 86 pyromancer.

Sep 09, 2012
What is your fave. Moment in w101? Mine is when my dad ( Daniel Dunewalker ) my brother ( James Stormrunner ) and I ( Emma Emeraldsword) ride on my hydra through the commons and then suddenly people want to Buddy us.

Jul 04, 2012
So, for wizards who are at least adept, what is your best memory as a weakling? Were you excited for a new spell, or confused on something you now find simple? Mine was when i got the leprachaun i didn't know it costed 2 pips and i always got frusterated cause i wouldn't get it right away.

Angela Gem
Level 47

Nov 21, 2012
Well, When you say memories, I have tons of them.
I have to say that I am
going to list
all of my memories
from every world

When i had my original account (Issues not to be further discussed) I loved running around with other Wizards "Trolling" with my trolls
*Myth Joke*
Wizard City Trying to get into Fire Cat Alley, Cyclops Lane, and Colossus Boulevard not knowing what crowns were/what they did.

Krokotopia The Awe of the landscaping around me made me want to become a full blown excavator.

Marleybone Getting pulled into every single battle because "side walks" were too darn close to the monsters. This area took me WEEKS! enough of that on to the next area

Mooshu The serenity was absolutely gorgeous!
*Enough said

Dragonspyre Being able to fight the all mighty Malistaire to show Cyrus Drake what kind of wizard I am and what he wishes he could be.

Celestia Having the feeling I was in the underwater Atlantis that was torn from the rest of the spiral

Zafaria Definitely doing mirror lake and getting me some pixie sticks

Avalon I simply loved Avalon especially the ending when i got to fight me some dragons.

Azteca Going into Xibalba with only me and another life (I am a life) and somewhat defeating Malistaire once more.


Feeling the sense of trying to survive in the wild

Wintertusk Being able to farm bosses

Wysteria I didn't really like this but I will say it anyways getting yelled at by the principle (I always got yelled at in school) Well I will just say Tower of The Helephant then

Crab Alley Waterworks for the wonderful gear that lasted till Avalon.

Judging from Test Realm:
Zeus', Poseidon's, and Hades' natural attacks

Mar 12, 2013
Today I was looking through my friends list for someone I had promised to hatch with.

Turns out his membership ran out and he seems to have taken a long holiday from the game.

In my friends list are dozens of folks who fought by my side, hatched with me, did spell quests and dungeons together, but are no more. Their wizard face no longer appears, just a cartoon default doodle. Subscriptions expired, interest waned, gone to camp or off to college, deleted wizard, outgrew the game and moved on.

Memories of long hauls in Big Ben, running pagoda until our backpacks were full of ninja pigs and goat monks, all-nighters to beat Malistaire, getting our Storm Lord at the same time and standing in Triton Ave with pixel tears down our faces, dying and porting several times to beat Belloq, gifting each other on the holidays, farming the secret bosses in Tree of Life, insane bolting ourselves silly in Unicorn Way, screenies of massive hits on Luska and helping each other get One in a Million, the amazing menu chatter who soloed Az all the way to Xibalba, and dozens more memories and familiar faces.

I will miss them and hope they come back.

Jan 02, 2012
When I first started playing Wizard101, I was given the school of ice and got SOOO excited it was really amusing to my friends. I didn't like pets at all at the time, because I thought people looked cooler without them (I didn't know they actually had a purpose!). The only place like the Bazaar that I knew of was the Ugo guy in Unicorn Way, and I loved getting clothing from him and changing my outfits just to see how they looked. All I used to do was hang around Ravenwood, because I loved the music, trees and schools, and Bartleby! I really miss those days. Now I am just stressing on how freaking much it costs to hatch a rain beetle from a storm beetle and a sea dragon (44,000!!!). KI seriously needs to cut the prices on some of these things on Wizard101. Have a wonderful day!

Rebecca Shadowbreeze Lvl 66 Megan Sunsung Lvl 51 Ryan Lvl 44 Sophia Rubyflame Lvl 35 Isabella Rose Lvl 32 Haley Stormcloud Lvl 10 Thank you for your time.

Sep 17, 2011
I hated the 3 streets, constantly running back and forth.
Triton underwater was my fave because swimming would make you feel free and you jumped really high.

Eh. Not much.

Marleybone, the streets were irritating to navigate and the theme made my feel city sick.

Mooshu: two words. LOVE Atfirstsight. Or is that 4?

Me and my cousin flew through it.

Wysteria: Eas-y.

Celestia: Keep getting my butt fried with wild bolt D:

Jun 10, 2011
Samuel Darkflame was an incredible friend.

Used healing spells in my deck for than powerful spells so I could tell people that it took my 3 hours to defeat a Haunted Minion.

Richard AshWeaver Level 28 Wizard

Dec 14, 2008
K here's oone of my best moments. fighting a boss in dragonspyre (Don't remember which but he was death). i was alone. my minion died. i was low on heal. we both cast fient on the same turrn. fire blade wildfire fire trap elelmental blade and two fients but i didn't notice any of that when i played my next spell. Immolate! then all the blades triggered and i realized what i did. over a thousand damage to self but i stilll survived! the boss didn't . one of my best moments. that and beating malestair. if i was my wizard though i'd be crying and running away. i mean we lost in zafaria and celestia. we had a small victory in avalon only to have our hopes (and Azteca) destroyed. that world got to me. i can't wait to see how this arc ends.

Jul 04, 2012
Omg so many memories!

Wizard City: The first day I started playing I remember being totally confused and lost. And I met a friend that day that I still have on my friends list now. I remember beating nightshade alone.

Krokotopia: A kid from my town showed me this place before I could go in. When I heard I got to go there, I was so excited! I beat Krokoparta with my friends Maria Lionstrider, Calamity peralflame and someone else.

Marleybone: I can mainly remember the excitement I had going there, and struggling with Katzenstiens lab. I defeated Meowiarty with my friend Wolf Blade.

Mooshu: I did this world in a week. I defeated Jade On I with my friend David Shadow wraith and Christopher storm gem.

Dragonspyre: This world is so memorable. It showed me how far I've come. I defeated malistaire with my friends Mary ice sword ( I think thats her name) and Jaqueline Fire blossom and my sister Lindsey Dawngrove

Aug 18, 2009
I remember no annoying huge mounts, or any mounts, I remember when you could stun people two turns in a row, I remember when you had to select a hit all spell, I remember when getting done DS was the end of the game, I remember when crow sounded like the bonekeeper, I remember when kensington park was the hardest dungeon, and I remember the first version of phoenix on the test server was the coolest spell i ever seen - too bad most will never see it.

Dec 03, 2012
Molly the Balance ... on May 25, 2013 wrote:
I started in October 2012.

In Wizard City, I had always wanted to fight the Kraken.
I know it was 2 quests, but the quests from Lady Oriel felt so long.

I thought my school was in the oasis in KT, but it wasn't. I was trying to get to my school as fast as possible.
I remember having no trouble whatsoever with the final boss.

In MB, I did not like it. The sidewalks, the towers at the end of the street. I also remembering having trouble with Kingston park. I still have trouble with The Spiral Geographic.

In Mooshu, I thought the place was beautiful. From the cherry blossom trees to the green grass, I loved it all.

In DS, that place was the worlds hardest place to me. I had trouble (a lot of trouble) in Malistaires' lair trying to unlock the door.

Level 50
Is GH I remember going into that place behind or next to the waterfall early.. And wandering into winter deep warren...
In WS I had no trouble with Randolf.
In CL I got bored and remember doing Trial of the Spheres with 2 of my close friends.
I'm ZF, Drum Jungle, and almost finished I think.

Mar 05, 2013
With me, it was always when I got Spiral Keys to the next World, so exciting, I couldn't wait to see what was in store. It was all part of a wonderful, magical journey, with new and interesting spells to learn, new and interesting foes to battle, new and annoying running around to do. In Wizard City, Penny Dreadful was one of my faves...so nice, so sweet, so Clueless. Plus she had a great name, like Chester Droors (lol) in Wysteria. The KI creators have done a great job with the story line, mixing humor, majesty and Pathos expertly. There is one moment that stands out though, when I almost fell out of my chair laughing. It was in Zafaria. I was on a mission to collect stuff to fix a wall or something or another. At the moment I was thinking, 'Gee I'm a Wizard not a Stone Mason.' Then when I went to fix whatever it was, the storyline dialogue was, more or less I forget the exact dialogue, 'For a student of Wizardry you seem to spend a lot of time repairing Wells, Bridges and such.' Cracked me up! Another good memory was fighting the Jade Oni. I was maybe level 38, and daunted when I saw his health, like 7,000, by far the most powerful boss I had ever faced. Well, God looks out for fools, cuz I beat Jade Oni on the 1st try. Went through all my Mander Minions, all but one of my spells, and ended the fight with 28 health! Lol! That was cool. Beating Malistaire also stands out, that was a knock down drag out fight with 3 other Wizards, and the denouement was sad and touching, I actually felt bad for poor Mally. And, to end this post, finishing Celestia also stands out, I was SO glad to get out of there, it was like a month of my life I'll never get back.

May 06, 2009
Oh allot of fun I have had for so long, but still something's that need to be spoken out.

Yea, there have been a lot of ups and downs of wizard101. I personally have spent allot of money on this game (Your welcome KI) but I do know what to spend them on. Now I buy membership so i can't speak for everyone but, honestly the only thing i think you should spend crowns on is max lvl gear that you can't farm for or plants/packs that you can't farm for. Allot of people spend Crowns on gear that you can farm better for, houses, etc. I spend crowns on mounts once in awhile but only perms. Now I have been around wiz a long time so I know allot about the game and seen how its changed but I think that its slowing down heaps since celestia. LvL 90's are sitting around since the new dungeons aren't honestly that hard if you have a food group. Granted it can take some time, but its not that hard for most people.

I believe at some point the game is going to lose allot of value to it since its not as active any more. The community is falling especially in PvP due to storm getting all the best gear etc, but I do still have hopes for KI and to turn around and equally balance the game out again. Now I don't really like storm that much and I have a low lvl storm and I don't play it much because I consider the class to be "Broken". please feel free to tell me why it isnt etc if you don't feel the same, but in the long run it is. I just hope that with this new world that KI is hopefully making will be the best yet. We know the schedule of when worlds usually come out if you have been around a long time but its still slowing down allot. I hope that changes soon.

May 30, 2009
Where do I begin?

Wizard City
I remember Wizard City being the time where I had done almost the whole place with my neighbor and we would sit at the computer for hour's on end just talking and laughing at people in the common's and Olde Town.

I never really understood the concept of Power Pips so I quit the game around this time for a year and a half and than came back and finally understood how to actually play the game. I had realized all the flaws my Wizard had originally. I definitely loved the Arena in the Krokospinx. It had to be my favorite part. I just loved the story line.

This had to be my least favorite world the first time through because I hated accidently getting caught in battles if I wasn't careful enough. I hated Meowiarty for doing everything he did and when I finally beat him in Big Ben I felt so accomplished. I had such a hard time with Katzenstein the first couple of times, but I love coming back with lower level people because I show them the secret boss and they're pretty surprised. Makes me happy(:

This is still my favorite world out of all of them. I love the story line, the layout, the cows, the setting. I think it is a beautiful world and I loved doing it a second time with my second wizard. I would love to do it a third time.

I just don't like this world. I guess because its so dark and dreary. I hated doing the dungeons and the labyrinth about killed me.

I loved Celestia, I always joke around with my friend Abigail that I am going through "Celestia withdrawals" I can't wait to do it a second time with my Myth wizard. Although I did have some problems with Celestia, I loved it all in all. The final dungeon was my favorite.

I don't know exactly what I can say about Zafaria. I had trouble with it, than eventually did the end solo.

I am currently there and I like it a lot. No special memories yet(:

Jordan Dragonshard lv. 78
Kelly Moonshard lv. 42

Feb 06, 2010
Ahh I remember when my balance went to mooshu and did Jade Oni. Right now getting a fire and a death to max level (The first arc is extremely fun). My fire wants the wave surfer now (I need crowns for islander's) but not the tiki (looked him up on wiki and the card he gives is terrible). I wanna go to second arc for first time on a fire though (never got there) because being a fire in CL will be hilarious (I'm in water lol) but getting a sea dragon there will be a big memory. Or death because of my screen name and they are cool .