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What are the Weaknesses and Boosts???

Jun 23, 2008
What schools resist and boost each other???

I know that ice attacks get a boost against fire enemies,but what
other scools boost?
My fire wizard has been trained to cyclops in myth. And to snow serpent in ice to help with the palace of fire in Krokotopia (don't know if I spelled that right).

P.s. I need help in Krokotopia if you want to help me my character's name
is Noah Fireheart and I'm a level 17 Journeyman Pyromancer.

Jul 06, 2011
its easy once you learn it:

ice boosts on fire
myth boosts on storm
life boosts on death
and visa versa.
balance is a little different. balance doesn't boost on anything, but myth, life, and death boost on balance

i'd also help you if you need it. i've already been through krokotopia, and i'm on frequently.
Jason thundersword lvl 39 thaumaturge :D

Jun 11, 2010
A weakness is when a school that is the opposite will get more power when it attacks:
Fire gets a boost to Ice and vice versa
Storm gets a boost to Myth and vice versa
Life gets a boost to Death and vice versa
Balance is tricky, it has a small boost for Death, Myth, and I think Life.

For example:
If you use a Fire attack on a Ice enemy, you will get more damage
If you use a Fire attack on a Fire enemy, you will do less damage

You can also get additional boosts from clothing, and resist from clothing. For exmple:

If you have a high Myth resist from your robe, then Myth attacks will do less damage on you.

If you have a high power boost on Myth, then you shall do more damage on Myth attacks.

Apr 12, 2011
it is called the "resist" for you to knpw this does n ot apply to wizards the boost will not work on another wizard unless it is a heal boost.

myth and storm
fire and ice
life and death
balance nothing but spiritual schools boost on it
there are others in the higher lvl which i have failed to memorize but here are some
(vise versa)

fire and life life
myth to ice
storm to fire(i think)
dont remember the rest anyone feel free to complete this list

Blaze raventail
transcended pyromancer

Jul 04, 2010
There's also the new weird boosts from celestia/winter tusk/zafaria where storm gets a boost on fire, myth on ice and I don't remember the rest. I think fire on life?