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What are the best/worst minions?

Jun 06, 2009
I've seen almost all of the minions except for the minotaur, ice guardian, and a few of the death minions. (I've only seen the rank6 and rank4)
So I'm wondering, which minion is the best? Please try putting all of the schools in order depending on how good the different minions are. Here's an example of what I would put.
1- myth
2- death
3- fire
4- ice
5- balance
6- life
7- storm

But that's partially a guess because I don't know much about minions.

Kenneth Goldenflower
Level30 Life

May 29, 2009

I haven't seen all of the minions in action yet, but I would put them in this order:

1. Myth
2. Life
3. Death
4. Balance
5. Ice
6. Fire
7. Storm

I'm fire and have the fire minion and honestly, except for small mobs, he kinda gets in the way. I tried using him against a bigger boss (Jade Oni) and he was trying to help by casting fire elf, but all it did was set off all of my fire traps. It made the fight last longer in my opinion.

Aug 10, 2008
Storm pet is amazing when you're solo on any elemental (fire, ice, storm) boss. All he does is turn 1, elemental shield and turn 2, taunt everything and just repeats that cycle. When hes hurt he uses absorb and the 160 damage life steal guy.

How I use him is, bring him out first turn and then for the next 8 rounds I just set up 3 stormblade, 3-4 storm traps, and 1 elemental shield for myself. Once I have enough pips for at least 2 tritons I just cast them back to back to back and whatever I'm fighting is sure to be dead. Throughout all those turns the minion is fine and taunting/shielding away and I never get hit.

Nov 21, 2008
i think this is how it goes, 1. Death 2.Life 3.Myth 4.Ice 5.Storm 6.Fire I haven't seen the Storm minion for a while so i don't know bout it. i am in the School of Life and i think the Life minion is good because it heals as much as it can, the part that stinks is it only as 350 in health

Jun 09, 2009
1. death 2. myth 3. balance 4.life 5.fire 6.ice 7. storm. this is what i think.

jacob boomwalker lvl40 ice

Mar 08, 2009
I think the balance one shouldnt be too bad i mean the one that they get at level 38 :) Spectral minion.