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What Are Some Tips You Have?

Nov 05, 2011
I recently started a death wizard and completed Wizard City in 2 days and Krokotopia in 5 days. I would like to know some tips for all wizards, as I'm only used to playing balance.

Jun 14, 2016
Don't train life as death, because you won't need it.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Things to consider are: many of Death's fantastic manipulations (such as Dark Pact and Sacrifice) come with a price. You take a hit to use these spells, and the more damage you have in gear and blades, the more it hurts. Keep an eye on your health and be mindful of blades you've already placed before you Dark Pact - you don't want to accidentally kill yourself!

Agree with sKochiya that Death doesn't need to train in Life at all. You should have already gotten Sacrifice (good for healing others) at the beginning of Krok, and your drain spells will do the rest of your healing. When you use Sacrifice to heal others, it might be helpful to use a shield first if you don't want to damage yourself too much. Also, all healing boosts work on Sacrifice, both incoming & outgoing.

Because Death has Feint & Curse, Death can get more out of secondary school damage spells than other schools do.

Death doesn't get an AoE until Scarecrow, at level 48. IF you want an AoE before then, Balance gives one at level 16, but it's the weakest one. Fire and Myth get AoE's a little later on. Myth has the advantage of being able to use the Spirit Traps and Blades, but there's a disadvantage in their Minotaur being a two-strike spell (you'll have to use two Feints). Also Earthquake is technically weaker than the Frog, so their useful damage stops at level 26.

Fire has more powerful spells, but less accuracy and you can't use your Spirit Blades/Traps. You'll have to train Elemental (for 2 more training points). On the other hand, most of the Fire spells boost very well with your Feint.

Ice also works well as a second school. It has Tower Shield and the Blizzard AoE, plus in higher levels Death will often boost against Ice, and vice-versa. Ice spells will boost against many Death bosses.

But mostly, save your training points for Celestia and beyond, where Astral and Shadow spells will play a huge role in your strategies.

Good luck with Death!

Alia Misthaven
Scarlet Raven

Mar 05, 2012
sKochiya on Feb 6, 2017 wrote:
Don't train life as death, because you won't need it.
totally agree.

my max death char never trained other schools; death is really great on its own.
I used my training points on tower shield, stun block, enchants, auras, then shadow.
once reaching higher levels I trained all of the schools double shields (thermal, glacial, etc.) which come in handy if you are running solo (or in a support deck for team play).

Have fun with the death school, it really is fun

Aug 03, 2016
I think Life comes in handy on any wizard.

Death might be able to heal itself but it can't really heal others. For that reason it is good to train up through Sprite in the Life school on any wizard.
Or you can get the Ladybug pet or certain gear, which comes with the Unicorn (heal all friends) spell.

Nov 26, 2014
Yeah, and also I recommend not having your secondary school as the opposite school. Each school has a healing spell and sacrifice is one of the best. I think if you want shields and protecting you should chose Balance as your secondary school but you don't have much good attack spells. Storm is one of the most powerful schools and I recommend it as a secondary school because of the high damage. Also, maybe repeat some dungeons to level up if you don't feel like doing a quest. Hope this helped you!

P.S. There are some secret trainers and one is in Marleybone and one is in Wizard City.

Jun 14, 2016
You should never attack with off-school spells unless maybe you're Balance.

May 11, 2010
Once You Get up To the Higher Level Places (Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, etc) You should always play with a friend. Especially if you're playing a tanker that doesn't do a lot of damage (Death, Life, Ice, etc)

Jul 24, 2015
Ice secondary is good for death. Also train Spirit Blade from Niles in Krok.

Through level 30, just pop into the Bazaar every 5th level to keep your gear up. Upon reaching 30, head to Mount Olympus and camp yourself some Senator's clothes and a spear. Replace the clothes with Waterworks at level 60.

Tower Shield is handy, but the 70% shield that you get from Ice is incredible. Any time you go up against either type of enemy, make sure you have a few of these in your deck.

Keep Reshuffle on your sideboard, or else train it and keep Deathblade TCs sideboarded.

Feint and TC Feint stack, as does IC Feint (Jewel of the Feint, level 50 minimum). Use these to quickly defeat large bosses. As a Death wizard, you can use this with Wraith to cap your health while doing so.

Oct 22, 2011
Death does not need to train a secondary school. Death is self-sufficient.

Do train Ice to Tower Shield. Tri-blades & Tri-traps training at the Balance tree.

If you feel you need a little extra healing in an emergency, then buy Fairy/Pixie TC.

Death is great for soloing, but they need to buff a bit before hitting halfway decent. I have never used Dark Pact or Sacrifice. I feel it's a waste of time. I never use Shadow magic, either.

Death is not a "hey, I will a heal others". This is NOT what Death is about. Death takes care of themselves, not everyone else.

Mar 05, 2012
SparkleTude on Feb 7, 2017 wrote:
I think Life comes in handy on any wizard.

Death might be able to heal itself but it can't really heal others. For that reason it is good to train up through Sprite in the Life school on any wizard.
Or you can get the Ladybug pet or certain gear, which comes with the Unicorn (heal all friends) spell.
Death has sacrifice to heal others if needed; Death is very strong in team play with the feints, uni traps, etc.
not to mention dark pact for extra blades and spirit blades.

I disagree with training life spells on a death wizard, sorry. just based on having a max death char, an exalted, and a legendary death char just for pvp.

I wouldn't waste training points on life spells on a death wizard. if you want higher heals, enchant with primordial; that's what I do if in team play and I plan on healing team mates. If playing solo, your steals will keep you alive.

Oct 21, 2013
Just keep these in mind.

  • Don't cast Sacrifice or Dark pact when you have other blades on. Maybe you'll need healing but hey, you're Death. Drain health spells is our thing.
  • Train Ice as your secondary school. Mainly because you get Tower Shield at level 16. Maybe go for Balance if you still have extra training points left around because of Weakness.
  • Don't forget to get Spirit Blade from Niles the Balance tree. He's in the Krokosphinx island.
  • In your free time for extra XP and probably some sweet gear do side dungeons. Example Waterworks. Do that one, its a must. You get the quest at level 60.

About everyone saying don't train Life. I'm a Death wizard and i've trained Life until I got Satyr.

Death can make really good tanks if you know. And I agree with Sparkletude. Life comes in handy no matter what school you are.

Have fun as a Death wizard! Happy questing!