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What are some good starter myth pets?

Feb 03, 2012
What are the best starter myth pets? Asking for a fellow wizard.

Mackenzie Moondrea... on Aug 1, 2022 wrote:
What are the best starter myth pets? Asking for a fellow wizard.
Hey there! Not too sure as I am an Ice main but, there are plenty of sources online that could help.

Here is a quick source I found that might help! https://www.wizard101.com/forum/pets-mounts/best-myth-pet-8ad6a42b5ca5a909015cca6a7feb0489

Good luck!

Mar 16, 2009
The best Myth pet is mostly decided by what talents it has. You'll definitely want Spell-Proof and Spell-Defy for defenses, Myth-Dealer for damage, and if you're still in the low levels you may want Fairy Friend or Unicorn as free heals are great at low levels. Unicorn even brings back your minion. Later you can try other pets like a quint-damage Mighty pet.

As for pet body, I highly recommend the Wandering Eye. The 8-pip AoE it offers is amazing before you get your Orthrus AoE. More importantly, it also comes with a Mythblade card, which remains important even after you get Epic Orthrus.