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What are some good challenges you like to do?

Jun 10, 2011
I'm talking about challenges that make the game harder, such as:
  • doing no side quests and being under-leveled
  • not training sun spells on a certain wizard
  • playing with only pixie as your main heals
  • etc.

Aug 03, 2014
A few I do for fun as well as a challenge:

Soloing bosses or dungeons that should probably be done with a team.

Teaming up on difficult content with menu chatters I can't communicate with....and always persisting until we succeed no matter how many mistakes are made or how messy it gets Darkmoor Graveyard pre-nerf with menu chatters was very long but soooo much fun!

Helping people who are struggling and letting them call the shots even when it might not be the best strategy. I always let them know the best method I know of, but if they want to do it 'their way' I'm their helper minion in that scenario and I support them the way they want me to. I confess I do put in some 'secret' spells for when it goes wrong (eg extra heals, feints, reshuffle etc), but I never 'steal their kill'.

Jul 27, 2010
I've never done a challenge run before, but I have a few ideas for some, like:

  • No/limited treasure cards
  • No bazaar gear/items, only gear from drops
  • No transfered pets, gear, or items between wizard
  • No crowns items

Thomas Wildstaff, 93

Mar 08, 2015

Not doing sidequests and being underleveled....

it is actually a challenge to do sidequests in the game. It disadvantages you if you do sidequests, because you can be level 70 in celestia, and you will only level up twice in the whole world. this would make it painfully slow. I don't do ANY sidequests in the entire game, except for the ones that give me spells and stuff. I have created every school wizard in the game, and have not done a single non essential side quest. But, different wizards have different opinions!

Feb 29, 2012
  • Seeing if I can solo cheating bosses.
  • Using subpar gear.
  • Using subpar pet.
  • Not using tc in harder fights.

May 11, 2015
This is what I do on a regular basis.

  • Solo run gauntlets/boss fights
  • I don’t use tc
  • No side quests
  • I don’t use my ‘may cast’ wands

Madison FirePyre