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what about this xp that lvl 50 people do not get a

Jan 05, 2009
I got lvl 50 long time ago and my xp does not increase anymore whats the problem and if i play now will i get my xp afterwards when the game lvl is increased? I am really confused. If i dont get my xp afterwards then i am playing for nothing and paying for nothing? When the lvl increases after all.
Somebody has to have same question!?

Exuse my english i am from Estonia.

Jul 15, 2009
Not sure I understand. It's called a level cap for a reason.

At the level cap. You play for content new items or to help friends
That or reroll till new content is released.

You will not get retroactive experiance for xp earned at the cap.

I've played like 40 mmo's I wish I could save up xp. ^_^

The best you can do is hit 50 with quest left. Then after finish a bunch of quests but wait to turn them in till the level cap is raised. Don't know if thats possible here got like an entire level in WoW though doing the above.

Brian StormBringer
Bringing the Storms For 28 Levels Since This Friday! Thanks KI!

Jun 25, 2009
Well, if you have defeated Malistaire and have absolutely nothing else to achieve in game, then CONGRATULATIONS, you have (up to this point) beat the game. You have reached the level that all young wizards aspire to reach as quickly as possible. You have reached the ultimate of the ultimate. Perhaps you had teamed up with many players in your formative years, while not paying attention to the story line or anything artwork related around you while traveling the spiral, and flew right into the excitement of where you stand today. Game champion.

As you can see on the boards, we have numerous people who complain that things are too difficult to achieve, or are too time consuming, such as getting Mana, etc. The desire for them, is to be where you ARE today. Grand Master Level 50, ultimate wizard. Just look at all the perks you have, reaching level 50 as fast as possible, instead of truly immersing yourself into the game world around you and taking it all in. It really must be a wonderful feeling to achieve such success and then....complain that you are there when you simply realize that there is nothing left to do. Clearly the developers can not win...but you sir...you sir have most certainly won.

Now, that said, this game, like all MMO's has a level cap, so there is no issue. XP will not be retroactive, once new content is added. Once the developers extend the content, the level cap will be lifted, allowing you to then reach (I would guess) level 60...with the goal of once again winning the game!! Till then your options are limited.

Some things you may consider doing, now that you have won the game, up till now, are:

1. You can try to achieve attaining all the Badges, if you have not done so.
2. You can duel in the pvp Arena
3. You can create a new character from a different school
4. You can try to defeat certain bosses again for certain gears/drops/pets
5. Work on the crafting portion of the game.
6. Help other lower level players achieve some of their goals

This is not a complete list...use your imagination. If none of these sound exciting enough, then it probably would be best to just discontinue your subscription until the next installment of content arrives.

In the end, it is up to you of course, but look at the bright side; You are truly a level 50 and like I said, if you have defeated Malistaire...as of now, you are one of the many true game winning champions. Applaud yourself.

Jolly good show.

Jun 07, 2009
duh you cant lvl up anymore unless they raise the level cap!

if youre already on lvl 50 (the final lvl of your wizard)
u cant lvl up anymore

so dont fret or freak or worry and anything

so um ya that explains it

Mar 25, 2009
Yeah I think most of us that have a level 50 also have the same questions.

We don't gain xp, because the highest level is 50; but I doubt that when the max level is increased above 50 we would get the xp. :(

I don't think that you are playing for nothing though. If and when the max level is increased above 50, I'm sure there will be new quests released at the same time, and by completing all those quests, you would probably reach the new highest level.

Apr 24, 2009
You are playing right now for Gold and Glory and furniture. :)

May 12, 2009
Excellent question! I did not realize myself that the XP stopped at level 50.

So what happens? Is there future plans to increase levels? I should hope so, parts of Grizzlhiem are very tough for under level 50. and I am quickly approaching level 50 myself.

By the way, mikimauss, I personally would congratulate you on your english, which is excellent, and much better than many native speakers, I might add.

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