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What 2nd Arc Worlds Will I Need To Prepare For?

Jul 05, 2014
I have been hearing a lot how Azteca, Celestia, Avalon is hard.. is it really? I am in Dragonspyre and hearing this ( don't judge ) I am very curious and scared. I've been wondering if anyone here can tell me how it will be different in the worlds, and how hard it'll be, what new strategies are coming, etc. Thanks! ( P.S. i'm in Crystal Grove.. I think i
m getting near to the end... )

Apr 19, 2010
Hi there,

From what I remember on my quests through the 2nd arc worlds, the only ones I had trouble with are Avalon and Azteca. I flew on by Celestia and Zafaria. What I would do before going into Zafaria is farm the level 60+ dungeon called waterworks located in Crab Alley, and try to get your school's gear from there. It will make questing a WHOLE lot easier. Also, start crafting gear in Avalon and above worlds. Then you can farm hades (if you have the time to waste). Khrysalis is a much much more easier world than Azteca, which I thought was weird. Easier as in no one blocked my critical rating (and mine at the time was around 300 or so). You shouldn't have to worry bout the 2nd arc, it was quite fun and it was challenging.

Jun 19, 2010
FunWizzygirl100 prepare yourself for fun, adventure, glory, as you explore Celestia, Avalon, Azteca, and beyond!

Some players find the most impossible of situations easy and a breeze; while others find the easiest circumstances impossible to navigate, and encounter the greatest challenges they've ever faced...

...while the rest of us; are all somewhere in-between.

Yes, you can travel from quest to quest and discover everything as you go; or you can spend a little time preparing yourself for certain areas. Here are some great tips to help make your journey easier:
  • Find questing buddies or groups to share in your journey.
  • Use the Team-Up Sigil at locations you want to enter (teleport to crowded realms, and then click on team-up to join bigger teams faster).
  • Search online for the quest, dungeon or boss name and W101. You'll find many great and not-so great walkthroughs and approaches to successfully completing each.
  • Come back to really challenging quests, dungeons or bosses after you've leveled up.
  • Hire henchmen when you can afford them.
As you work your ways through these areas, you'll want to upgrade your gear, weapons and pet talents to make your journey easier. Every now and again, check out what's for sale at the bazaar; consider crafting items, and find other players with pet talents you like, to hatch with your own pet.

Here's to you have many fun, adventures in Celestia, Avalon, Azeteca and beyond!

Jul 05, 2014
Thanks so much! I was worried that I'd be stuck. lol Guess what?! I am up to Malistaire's dungeon! Can't wait for celestia! I just need to find a group for the malistaire thing, then I should be done! :) ( I may make a topic on a group for malistaire's dungeon )

Oct 27, 2009
Up through Dragonspyre, most of us got comfy with our spells and found what worked well in our decks. For most it was some combo of blades and traps leading to a big hit, with other varieties of spells to suit our schools. With Celestia, critical hits are a big change. With it possible for a bladed enemy to maybe double his hit, defense gets a bit more important. The other side of that is you might double your hit, too. Suddenly, smaller spells, with smaller pip costs, might return to your deck, because you can cast them faster for high damage. Smaller heals can suddenly heal double, and be a bargain with the lower pip cost. I found as ice, I was playing more of a tank role than I had been before. Others were needing my protection again. It seemed people were using more of their school spells which had been dropping out of use. There are bosses who cheat and have special rules, to make the usual not always be a good idea. It requires some thought and possibly reworking of decks. I found the challenge fun. Some did not, and K I did tone some of those 2nd arc areas down significantly. The others had some good advice for you. You can do it. It will help if you are ready to be flexible and take a fresh look at your spells.

Sep 07, 2011
There are two main things to adjust to: Gear matters, and you are fighting multiple enemies that can do significant damage.

Craft level 56 WT gear, or farm Waterworks at level 60. Look for a wand with block, and craft the block boots from AV when you get there.

With very few exceptions, forget about single attacks. Most of your fights will be against 2 to 4 enemies, so you want stacking buffs and an all-enemies attack.

Don't give up basic stats to get critical rating. It isn't reliable against bosses. Keep up your block and resist so you can stay alive. Use damage boost from gear with blades, traps, and auras to strengthen your attacks.

IMO the second arc is way more fun and interesting than the first.