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wernt we supposed to be able to have pets in housi

Apr 10, 2009
i thought i heard somewhere (probably a rumor) that we were able to have pets just chilling in our houses like having a dragon just flying around your island and stuff

so i was wondering if this was true and i dont know how to do it or just a rumor

I think this was one of the many suggestions that our players had for the Castles & Lands feature.

Castles & Lands will continue to have updates and features added to it over time, so keep watch on our Ravenwood News under the News banner for updates and information.

Jan 23, 2009
THAT would be awesome! to let my pets run free at my house! rather than keeping them in a bank,

Would that take a lot of work or is that doable?

I would love to see all my pets running around doing there thing so anyone that visted could see them. They don't have to interact even though that would more than awesome but to see my pets run around in and out of the house would AWESOME!

yes i am a grown woman saying awesome. which tells you AWESOME it is!


Apr 10, 2009